Why do the players know about the movement of lines bookmakers

Why do the players know about the movement of lines of bookmakers

Зачем игрокам знать о движении линий букмекеровMany hear about the lines the bookies but if understand this correctly, what you mean? Repetition, as it is known, for learning to be a mother — not pobrezguet as we it.

So, the essence of the bookmakers is offering odds on various events. Someone studying the statistics and making analysis someone “perebiraet” from their successful colleagues. The main thing that creates a line, that is, a full, closely interconnected group of factors: shoulders-outcomes, odds, totals. Their relationship is particularly evident in movement: changing one line affects immediately on some other (but not necessarily all, especially to specific related corner cards, etc.).

Over time, the coefficients in offices is changing — it’s just experts call these “motion lines”. And experts advise a player if he wants to be a professional, well-versed in the reasons for such changes and be able to predict the consequences, to increase the likelihood and/or amount of profit.

On line effect “Progres” — so called the total amount of player funds, clients ‘ offices, put on the shoulders of all events. When betting clearly gathered a significant portion of the amount on one of the options, it is called “progruzheno”. It is dangerous for the office, which always seek equal distribution between the shoulders, almost guaranteeing a profit margin. If progruzheno shoulder wins, the bookmaker will suffer a significant financial loss. He therefore initiates the movement of the lines, increasing the odds for others, neprokleennye shoulders for their trim.

Often occurs unintentionally overload: the best outcome put a lot. So often do the rookies. In the end, the bookies are to reduce the odds, but often also office moves a bit the whole line. But deliberate factor, a significant one-time progrus considered to be the signal that the match for which the rate is contractual in nature. Bookmakers often publicly referred to such fights are at least suspicious, and initiate proceedings.

In any case, the line preferably track — their own, or using software scanners. The dynamics of the line shows the bookmakers see congestion one of the bets and are trying to compensate for it. And then the client itself must decide what it needs to do in such a situation. The path analysis does not guarantee victory for anyone. It just makes Your step, Your bet a little more deliberate and conscious. Or at least give a chance at the last moment, to notice something not considered before. This will allow to do without losses due to incorrect rate.


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