Which means the bet is “Win by one goal or draw”

How to understand betting the Win by one goal or a draw

Bookmakers are trying to provide большtе variety in the line, coming up with new products. Option, a favorite with advanced players was bet “Win by one goal or draw” – the team must win with at least a margin or draw.

When it is better to choose a bet “to Win in one goal or draw”?

Bet “Win by one goal or draw” good match, when the favorite meets a team who can defend. In such a situation often occur a minimum of victory, and this rate + gives you a safety net in the event of a tie. It is good, if the team that the higher class wants to win a little blood in such a situation, often after a point is scored to start the drying game.

A good example of the effective use of the stakes of “win by one goal or draw” became the group stage of Euro 2016, where this rate with a factor of 1.7-2.0 played in 15 cases in the first 20 games because on the field there was a fierce struggle without much advantage on either side. Further, when the time came the decisive matches, the team began to take risks and often appeared victory by 2 or more goals.

Bet “win by one goal or a draw” is well suited for the group round of the big tournaments, national teams, Champions League, Europa League, where the favorite has a right to be wrong and a constant desire to defeat a small force. It is also relevant in the game, where the likely outcome becomes a draw – the main thing to choose the direction in which to insure a minimal victory.

A real world example to Win in one goal or a draw

Football. Friendly match. “Aalborg” – “Silkeborg”. 8.07.16

Friendly matches with equal teams this is the case when you do not want to spend a lot of effort, and the advantage of one of the contenders is small. Take for example the match “Aalborg” – “Silkeborg” as a match, where it is difficult to identify clear favorite and bet on the 1000 rubles for a narrow win Aalborg BK or draw with odds of 1.9.

Which means Victory in 1 goal or draw in this case?


  • Aalborg wins minimum (account 1:0, 2:1, 3:2 etc.) – an auction will take 1900 R.;
  • the match had a draw with any score – bet is also played in full;
  • Aalborg has won in two or more goals (score 2:0, 3:0, 3:1 etc.) – loss;
  • Victory “Silkeborg” – bet also goes to the office.

How it came about really

As we expected, the teams were roughly equal in strength and the game revolved around a draw – it even went ahead of Silkeborg, but in the end in the 60th minute of the match established the account 2:2, which eventually became the final result, fully satisfied our bet.

Where to bet “Win by one goal or a draw”

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Bet that the team won’t lose: 1x (home), 2x (guests)

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