Which means bid total is less than 2. How to understand TM(2)

That means the total is less than 2. How to understand TM 2

A bet on under 2 means that the player who bet on TM2 in the match will win in a fight if the amount is not scored more than 1 goal, and if the total will amount to exactly 2 – they will return.

Total less than 2 – bet with a safety net when the score was 1:1, 2:0 and 0:2 gives a refund. This total bookmakers often given as the main matches goalless Championships – lower leagues of France, Italy, the championship of South America.

How to understand TM 2

  • 0:0, 1:0, 0:1 = total less than two goals bet is ;
  • 1:1, 2:0, 0:2= the total is exactly 2, no more and no less than two to return;
  • in total in the match scored 3 goals or more = lose.

Total <2 – universal rate for football, hockey, tennis, basketball and other sports.

Sample how to calculate Total less than 2 goals = TM 2

Football. The Championship Of Russia. “Kuban” – “The Dynamo” (Moscow). 16.05.16

In the battle for survival, it often happens that more teams are fighting on the field for every ball, creating chances. The match “Kuban” and “Dynamo” promises to be exactly that. Because there is a sense to put 1000 rubles on TM2 with a factor of 2.6.

That means total меньше2 in this case?

Options in TM 2 :

  • the match ended with a score of 1:0, 0:0, 0:1 – the total is less than 2, taking 2,600 rubles;
  • 1:1, 2:0, 0:2 – return;
  • in the match in total scored 3 or more goals = bet lost

As it was, actually, account

As we expected, the match was played without a large number of points – “Kuban” has won 1:0, total goals in a match was 1, which is less than the desired total 2. The condition of the bet has been executed the payout would be $ 2600 R.

Where to bet the total is less than 2 = TM (2)

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