Which means bid to win with handicap 1(0) in football. How to understand that F1(0)

What do you mean handicap 1(0)

How to calculate a zero handicap F1(0) in football

Bet on the first team with F1 (0) in football, so that isn’t taken into account the draw if the teams split points, the bet will be settled as a refund. Handicap (0) also called a zero handicap or draw no bet.

When calculating a zero handicap, the match result will not change, but as in betting odds to win someone has to have the advantage, in the event of a tie bets will be settled on the refund. Bet on zero odds popular in soccer since it provides a safety net in case of a tie. They have a special meaning in the matches of equal teams.

Calculation of bets with F1 (0)

  • a home win with any score – gain.
  • draw return;
  • win the second – the money is lost.

Example of handicap 1(0) = F1 (0)

Football. The Championship Of Russia. “The Locomotive”– “Spartak”. 30.04.16

Match of “Locomotive” and “Spartak” – a typical match, in which f(0) will be one of the best options. Guests are unstable and do not participate in the title race, while “Loko” has all the chances to grab the title. But the victory of railwaymen – not the obvious option, because here it makes sense to hedge your bets and take odds (0) on hosts. Betting on Lokomotiv with a zero to 1000, get the right ratio of 1.55.

Which means Фора1 (0) how to understand?

Three options for the calculation of F1 (0):

  • the victory of “Locomotive” with any account = take 1550 rubles;
  • draw = all are at their, refund, Express – calculation of match ratio 1;
  • the victory of “Spartacus” = the money is spent in the office.

The result of the match, the final score

The hosts lost 0:2, but since the second goal of “Spartacus” was scored in the 90th minute, a chance to return on the head start was maintained until the end of the match.

Where to bet handicap 1(0) = F1(0)

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