Which means bid over 2. How to understand TB(2)

That means the total is more than 2. How to understand TB 2

When you bet on over 2 goals in the match count the total number of goals. In order to have action there must be 3 or more, but the two goals have insurance bookmaker money back. Scored less than two goals – the bet is lost.

Over 2 enable to protect the invested, if will be scored only 2 goals – statistics in football is often exactly what happens, as the bills 1:1, 2:0, 0:2 are among the most popular and frequently used.

What can happen when TB is 2

  • account 0:0, 0:1, 1:0 = total does not pass, the loss;
  • 1:1, 2:0, 0:2 = return;
  • in total in the match scored 3 goals = total punched, rate played.

Total >2 – universal rate for football, hockey, tennis, basketball and other sports.

Example Total more than 2 goals = 2 TB of the real match

Football. The Championship Of Russia. “Kuban” – “The Dynamo” (Moscow). 16.05.16

“Kuban” and “Dynamo” are fighting for survival, and because the match promises to be a real fight for the three points. The bookies don’t believe in a lot of goals and tend to see under 2.5 goals here. But total more than 2 will give us a safety net – put 1000 rubles in total over 2 with a factor 1.51.

What is 2 over here?

The possible classifications for TB 2 in the match:

  • scored less than 2 goals (account 0:0, 1:0, 0:1) = the loss of the bet;
  • scored a total of two goals– 1:1, 2:0, 0:2 = return;
  • total goals made 3 more goals (2:1, 1:2, 2:2 etc.) = win 1510 R.

As it was, actually, account

Kuban scored in the first half and went on the defensive, to defend for themselves an important victory with the score 1:0. We want this option did not suit, as the total number of goals was one goal, and that the loss rate.

Where to bet on over 2 = TB (2)

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All versions of totals

TB 0.5 TB 1 TB 1.5 TB 2 TB 2.5 TB 3 TB 3.5 TB 4 TB 4.5 TB 5 TB 5.5 TB 6

TM 0.5 TM 1.5 TM 1 TM 2 TM 2.5 TM 3 TM 3.5 TM 4 TM 5 TM 4.5 TM 5.5 TM 6

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