Which means a bet on the “last goal “

That means a bet on the last goal

Bet on the last goal can be accepted by a bookmaker in two formats. In the first case you need to guess which team will score extreme ball and whether it is clogged at all. Another option is to predict the time interval of the last goal.

Options rates:

  • score 1st team;
  • = 2nd team;
  • no one will score.

A different approach:

  • Last goal 74 to 90 min Yes;
  • 1 to 73 min – Yes.

The time interval may be different, but the essence of the bet in the second case that you need to guess the time. If scoring is not at all – plays a version of “Last goal no goal”, same bet for a draw with the score 0:0.

Example rates “Last goal”

Football. The America’s Cup. USA – Costa Rica. 8.06.16

Match USA and Costa Rica promises to be very resistant, but the key word in it must remain with the owners, which support the rostrum. Bet 1000 rubles that the last goal will be scored by the first team, will give a ratio of 1.61.

The reality, bill

Team USA scored many, Costa Rica did not score in the score 4:0 and bet on the fact that the last goal will be scored by the first team played the payout would be $ 1610 R.

When to bet on the Last goal?

In football there are teams that are better in the 2nd half, have a strong-willed character is not an invention of journalists, but in reality as evidenced by the statistics, the facts. To play so they can the championship, because their habits based on good physical preparation that allows you to give the enemy a head start. A great example is “Manchester United” Alex Ferguson, often scored in the last minute in the so-called “fergie-time”. Here they should take in the market is “the last goal” if the question is about who gets the “last word” in the game. As for time intervals, it is also possible to play for the same fans to score in the end or, on the contrary, those, who scored early and then “dries” the game (if it was the last goal with 1 at the 73 minute). In any case, the focus should be on playing style and habits, the playing teams!

Where to bet “the last goal “

On the website of the BC 1xbet are at least all. In addition to a wide line and range of betting on goals, the office offers high odds, many types of payments and quick payouts.


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