Which means a bet on the “head goal”

How to understand the bet on the “head goal”

Bet that the chosen match will be scored a goal with his head you can find in the market “to be scored” listed among the possible ways to score.

Bet “head goal” means a goal from the second floor at any moment of the match, but “the number 1 Goal will be scored by the head” – applies only to the first goal.

Bet on goal scored with his head good on teams that are composed of singers, able to play on the second floor, actively using the standard position and playing style, involving a large number of high crosses.

You need to remember that own goal, even scored with his head – it is for the bookmakers first “own goal” in whatever way it may be clogged. Because in order to bet “goal head” I need him to be scoring player from one team to the wrong gate.

Example rates “goal head”

Football. Euro-2016. Germany – Ukraine. 12.06.16

The Ukrainian team a lot of attention in the game pays standard terms and she has a number of performers are able to score after a cross from a free-kick or corner – Yevhen Khacheridi, Yaroslav Rakitskiy, Taras Stepanenko. And the German defenders are not averse to mark so plus have Bundestim be a master on the second floor as Mario Gomez. Put on goal with his head in the match 1,000 rubles with a factor of 2.6 .

As it was, actually, account

Surprisingly, the rate for goal a head has played very fast and beat him, as expected, after the standard, the Germans are not high defender Shkodran Mustafi, flew into the penalty area a real nightmare on the wings of night for the national team of Ukraine. The winnings would have amounted to 2,600 rubles And if we put that first goal in the match will be scored head – you could win even more – 5000 R.

Where to bet “goal head”

On the website of the BC 1xbet are at least all. In addition to a wide line and range of betting on goals, the office offers high odds, many types of payments and quick payouts.


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