Which means a bet of 1x (team 2 will win)

How to understand the rate of 1x (the first team will not lose)

Bet 1 – wins 1st team or the draw. To win, the hosts should not lose the match. With a number of dual outcomes is available in the lines of each bookmaker. The greatest proliferation of “bet against the victory of the guests” got in soccer and hockey. In basketball, the 1x is not used, since the probability of a tie is negligible.

1X = bet that the second team did not win, helps as insurance (risk and income reduced). You see the favorite, but not 100% sure of the victory. This leads to the desire to spread solomku. “Double chance” for the leader of the bookmaker is offered with a factor of 1.15-1.35. The odds are appropriate to use in multiples, choosing 2-3 events. The ordinar to put “1x – first team not to lose” is reasonable with KF. 1.50 and above.

Rate 1X, there are no returns. If we took 1x for the match in St. Petersburg Zenit with FC Bayern and our players will win or draw, then the bookie will pay money and if you win guests – rate calculate as a loss. Payment with the coefficient “1” is impossible.

Bet on double chance 1x is identical to форе1 handicap +0.5, but it is necessary to distinguish it from the handicap 1(0). At 1x you are satisfied with the victory of the first team and a draw. In the case of a zero handicap keff is higher, but the payoff will be able to get only if you win the masters, and draw = refund. The difference in quotes between a handicap(0) and 1x is a few tenths. Bet on double chance choose conservative bettery seeking a guaranteed win.

Betting strategies 1x (win or draw) in bookmakers

1. Eliminate the 1x rates with ratios below 1.15. Such quotations give unconditional favorite. With every 100 you will receive 15 roubles a win. In modern football there has been a trend of equalization of the overall level of the teams. Outsiders not only defending, but also offer the opponent counterplay. Remember the memorable Champions League game between Rubin Kazan and Barcelona Catalan.

2. Bet “1x first team not to lose” shortly before the start of the match. If the match is note-figure, battery actively prigruzhajut on it ratio. The dynamics of the line goes in favor of the stronger team. Conditional on the eve of London’s Arsenal was estimated by cafam 2.00, and today was 1.85. On a couple of tenths will increase and quotes on 1x. By the way, in the English Premier League end in stalemates happen frequently. Outsiders at home be extremely focused, and the fans urged the players.

3. Do not attempt to wilkawatt with 1x. Double chance is accompanied by the bookies a decent Commission. Make positive the plug – probably will not work. For guaranteed profit is better to use single outcomes: win, draw and defeat. Here the differences are the bookies serious. But remember: wilkowyje office block, counting a violation of the rules.

4. Most use a 1x bet on the second team will not win in hockey. In this sport, home ice is important, especially in the NHL. The draws often happen in the NHL. In many ways, this trend is associated with care teams: they settle for a guaranteed 1 point, and then quietly play the 2nd overtime. Another argument in favor of 1 in the hockey odds. Unlike football, victory in regular time and double chance – differ by several tenths.

Where to bet 1x (aprogress home team)

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