What to do if you lost a lot on betting?

What to do if you lost a lot on betting?

Sports betting is not only a major stable wins. The betting is the reverse side of the coin. According to various estimates, from 80 to 95% of regularly putting players are in the minus – bookmaking business and is doing well around the world. We often talk about how to beat the office, but let’s think about how to survive the consequences of defeat?

Why do people lose at betting?

We often hear stories that begin with phrases “lost all the money in betting or all the time you lose in betting”. A long series of defeats, often occurs when the player is not guided by reason and emotion. A few bad outcomes lead to a condition when it is forgotten strategy and begin hasty action – the person puts large amounts or selects unknown competition: ~live on the basketball championship of the Philippines, coming to the losses and the “plum” account.

To avoid a protracted series of defeats, after 3-4 unsuccessful bets to make a break. Instead of frustration and ill-considered attempts to fight back, sit down and understand the reasons for the loss. Initially, you need to understand that the bookmaker is superior to the player. The BK has a staff of professional analysts, complex software with extensive capabilities in obtaining information. The coefficients are not taken from the ceiling, and to beat the bookie, after reading a couple of announcements for the sports event, is practically impossible.

So, 2 key reasons you lose at the bookmaker:

  • low level analysis choose rates;
  • psychological instability after a series of blunders.

What if the lost credit money?

In pursuit of the big jackpot, players are ready for everything. Some do not hesitate to carry things to the pawnshop and to take loans at ridiculous interest rates to recoup. Banks and other organizations willing to give cash in an effort to maximize profit. If you lose the borrowed money is a terrible thing, but not fatal. Instead of panicking, we need the cold legal calculation. Surely you have the income at the main place of work. To repay the loan on time you will not have time, but to ask the Bank about debt restructuring.

If you do not have a permanent source of income or the Bank refuses to restructure, you can start the bankruptcy procedure. In Russia the Federal law “On insolvency (bankruptcy)” earned from 1 October 2015 in relation to individuals. Only the debt to the lending institution you must be at least 500 thousand rubles. Even if you do not qualify for bankruptcy, remember that in accordance with the civil procedure law can not be levied. For example, nobody can take away from man his only apartment.

We showed the General pattern of development for a player who took money on credit and lost on betting. To take concrete steps, it is appropriate to seek help from a lawyer.

Concrete steps to return to life

Each person is different. We all perceive our losses. Someone refers to them philosophically, easily parting with the money, the other is going through because of losses. Psychologically weak people perceive the critical failure that leads to serious life consequences. To unsubscribe from betting in betting offices, it is necessary to comprehensively carry out a few steps. First, to perform its statistics rates. When on the course you’re losing 100 thousand or a million, it is scary. Comes the understanding that to get this money back is not possible, and you stop the game.

If you’re looking at a tidy sum of loss, to stop does not work, you need to seek the assistance of a statement of restraint. The player writes the application, the office examines it and decides whether more the bettor will not be able to put in a specified BC. Russian Federation statistics on the number of such applications is not carried out, but in Belarus, as of 2016, they are written by 19 thousand. Online bookmakers should offer this feature directly on the site. A few clicks – and access is limited.

Writing a statement of self-restraint, the player retains the option to bet. Selecting the next “sure thing”, the bettor begins to ask their friends and acquaintances.This confirms the presence of gambling addiction. Obsession with gambling was identified as a disease in 1980. Psychologists call compulsive gambling progressive disease. For solution of this problem requires a call to the experts. And help not need to go to the first counter. Be sure to ask about the effectiveness of treatment in former patients, please review the documents on education have a particular specialist, his experience and qualifications.

Conclusions on the fight against gambling addiction

Gambling is a disease, which many bettary not willing to admit. The player needs to be honest with yourself, do not be afraid to recognize the problem and seek the assistance of relatives and friends. If a loved one is suffering from addiction to bets, help him out. Only by rethinking values, family support person can return to normal life.


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