What to do if a bookmaker does not pay winnings

If the bookmaker pays the winnings

Today in a network of a huge number of websites offering betting services. Among them are the proven domestic and overseas offices; just starting their activities, but honest BC; and the scammers who focus exclusively on cheating unsuspecting customers. In addition to the Internet scams lacking among real firms. How to recognize illegal the office, we talked, and in this article you will learn what to do if difficulties with the office arose.

Что делать, если букмекерская контора не выплачивает выигрыш

Despite the fact that the Internet is full of various kinds of articles that you should not trust unverified offices, people who fall for their tricks, invest and as a result, when faced with nonpayment, left with nothing, except bitter experience. To protect users from these errors is impossible, do not write how many articles and examples not given.

If you are a victim of fraud, you need to know where to turn and what to demand. While the firm has chances to defend justice always is. But if “shop” was closed, almost with certainty we can say that for money you won’t see, but never to trust unverified offices.

However, before you write complaints to all authorities, a list of which is given below, make sure that you have carefully read the rules of the office, whatever they were “bad” and did not violate them, otherwise the guilty in a situation are you. The importance of the rules can be read here.

So, I propose a real action plan that few will do your situation, if you do become a victim of fraud:

Before you start a war, think whether it be You, or maybe you paid for a valuable lesson and it’s worth it. Try by all means to find a compromise with the betting, show them this article. Be sure to go out for a manual as a simple Manager can not worry about the fate of the company and not realize what you are capable of one disgruntled customer.

If the bookmaker pays the winnings on the Internet

If the office is Western, then find out where the office is licensed and write a detailed statement of the problem and screenshots. Also look on the website of the office icons where she was in any organizations is, for example more or less decent office in EGBA.

If the office is Russian, to help in this situation can the national Association of Bookmakers (NAB), which considers the applications of all the participants, in which the obligation breached. In the case of the constant complaints, the Association may exclude the office from among its members, thereby reducing her reputation. Such case already was, so the Association now there are only 6 firms, and so it may be that soon no one will be excluded. Another organization which can assist in the solution of your problem – the Russian Association for Gaming Business Development (RARIB).

You can write a letter to the host. A detailed explanation of the situation can lead to the closure of the site, a small-time fraudsters – not customers useless. Serious bookmaker with a license such exposure will not notice.

Effective way – a letter to the arbitration of the payment system used to Deposit in BC (for example, “WebMoney Transfer”), to challenge the payment by credit card through the issuing Bank (to request cashback). This path gives hope to exclusively made money, to understand how and how much you won, no one will.

The most lively places in the Internet are considered forums. Spend a little time create posts/messages with unflattering comments about the Scam. Such a glory in the network spread very quickly. In addition, a proven history of deception and published at bkr.bet.

If the bookmaker pays the winnings in real PPP

If you cheated real office with real office with employees and address, the situation is even simpler. In the real world ways to make life difficult for the scammers much more than the Internet. First of all, contact the Division for consumer protection, they really can help if you want. Take the time to write a firefighter and in the sanitary-epidemiological service. They are happy to go to the office and will surely find more than one violation. A letter to the tax office, will promote the test, which likely detected unregistered staff or lack of license to operate. In this case, can connect, and the police.

In General, you can apply anywhere, and preferably in the Central authorities (addresses you can easily find with the help Yandex), there are people who on domestic issues appeal to the Federal space Agency.

You can go to court, but beware. You will probably be able to return to his own, but a serious investment of time and money.

If the money return will not succeed, You at least get the moral satisfaction from the fact that a lot of problems with scammers. The main thing – not to sit idly by and talk about his problem so that other gullible customers are not stepped on the same rake. Place your bets only in the checked firms and always remain a winner!

Good luck!

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