What Does Handicap Mean in Basketball Betting

Handicap in basketball

Handicap in basketball – the final difference in the score of the match. Bookmaker allows you to predict more or less (the suggested number), it will be. Handicaps (synonym for) are used in basketball to equalize the chances of commands, because of the low odds of winning favorites not attract.

Assume face-to-face meeting is organized by the Moscow CSKA and Avtodor from Saratov.

Obviously, the favorite of the match – CSKA, but the bookmakers set the odds to 13.5 points, giving her equal odds at 1.90. To bet on Muscovites have won, needed to win with a difference of 14 points.

The odds in basketball are given for the entire match, quarters and half

As a rule, odds in basketball over 0.5 and do not allow returns. Whole numbers are often used for betting a quarter or one half. In such a short time period the chances are equal, and therefore offers the handicaps -1, -2.

The calculation of the result of a handicap in basketball is quick. They are suitable for live bets, because bookies level 1xbet time to issue a new scenario at the beginning of the next quarter. To determine whether or not you won the bet, look at the final rupture of the teams. Let’s say you bet on the odds Cleveland Cavaliers +3.5 points. If the “Cavs” will not lose with a difference more than 3 points or win – the rate of play.

The odds for a basketball player is traditionally high. Margin rarely exceeds 2.5-5%. The special generosity of the bookies is showing in the NBA or Euroleague. To put on the main odds is more profitable, in extramural quotes are worse. The same applies to the live betting, where the Commission BK – on average 7.5%.

Betting strategy for handicap

Don’t put a little head start. Are the odds in basketball are big risks because of the ending of the 4th quarter. Often the losing team starts to foul to force the opponent to make a mistake. To win at the expense of fouls in the last minute is not always. On the contrary, the gap is increasing and could easily pass for 6 or 7 points, so try to use large handicaps ranging from 7.5 points. The ratio may be modest, but there are more chances of success.

The opinions of the bookmakers regarding match are not always the same. Given the mobility of the basketball lines, the differences in odds can be global. One of the BC sets as the main handicap of 4.5 points with odds at 1.95 in both directions, the other the handicap of 6.5 points. You can organize so-called corridors. For example, the first command you can put the odds of -4.5, and the second +6.5. In this embodiment, the difference in 5 and 6 points will make winning both bets. This happens infrequently, but to use this strategy the odds are in basketball – it is advisable.

Put on what you understand. Bookmakers actively offer live basketball 24 hours a day. In the morning League of the Philippines, the night – NBA. Do not rush to the first available match, spontaneously choosing a sub-zero odds-on favorite. It is advisable to put on those events, which I understand. Basketball coverage is not as good as football and hockey, but watch video reviews and listen to the analyst – is always possible. The quantity is not quality, especially in rates.

Where to bet on the handicap

The widest range of odds on basketball is given in BC 1xbet offers a super-line with high odds, great selection of payment and enticing promotions.


Odds on basketball with the details

The principle of the calculation of bets with the odds in basketball is different from other competitions is that the big numbers:

Handicap 1 (-4) Handicap 1 (-3.5) Handicap 1 (-3) Handicap 1 (-2.5) Handicap 1 (-2) Handicap 1 (-1.5) Handicap 1 (-1) Handicap 1 (-0.5) Handicap 1 (0) Handicap 1 (+0.5) Handicap 1 (+1) Handicap 1 (+1.5) Handicap 1 (+2) Handicap 1 (+2.5) Handicap 1 (+3) Handicap 1 (+3.5) Handicap 1 (+4)

2 Handicap (-4) Handicap 2 (-3.5) Handicap 2 (-3) Handicap 2 (-2.5) Handicap 2 (-2) 2 Handicap (-1.5) Handicap 2 (-1) Handicap 2 (-0.5) Handicap 2 (0) Handicap 2 (+0.5) Handicap 2 (+1) Handicap 2 (+1.5) Handicap 2 (+2) Handicap 2 (+2.5) Handicap 2 (+3) Handicap 2 (+3.5) Handicap 2 (+4)

Asian: +2.75 +2.25 +1.75 +1.25 +0.75 +0.25 -0.25 -0.75 -1.25 -1.75 -2.25 -2.75

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