What is the rate Exodus 1-x-2

That means a bet on the outcome 1×2

Betting on the outcome – the person predicts how complete a match: home win (1), guests (2) or a draw (X).

Winning in betting on the outcome of 1-x-2

Deciding to bet on the outcome (1×2) the player sees the factor being multiplied by the bid amount, it will determine the size of the prize. So, putting 1000R 2.2 expected outcome – 2200rub, respectively, the net profit 2200-1000=1200r.

1×2 – the terminology of bets on the outcome

What is rate 1 (or P1 Def.1)?

1 – so the first command in the marking of the match, usually the home. In Boxing, tennis – whatever the bookie and different offices may vary.

Bet 2 (P2 or POB.2) what’s this?

2 – so the second command.

Что такое ставка исход 1-х-2

Advantages and disadvantages of bets on the outcome

Best advantage betting on the outcome – simplicity and clarity. No need to guess the account, it is enough to specify 1 of 3 options – 1/X/2. This is the basis of each bookmaker.

Outcomes are available for all sports, no problems with accommodation in live (during the match). Bookmakers give the best odds and great highs, forming the image of the office. Often the bets apply to regular time, but in hockey and basketball may be considered additional (see rules on the website of BK).

The disadvantage of betting on a wide range of factors. Sometimes there is no clear favourite bookmaker expose of 1.01 and 1.05, as an outsider, can assess cafom from 10.00 and above. To put on such events – is meaningless. In the 1st case, the player will get a tiny prize, and in the 2nd – the chances of success would be negligible. A good alternative in such situations are the odds.

Bets on the outcome of the half/match

Bets on the outcome have variations, one of them is the half time/full time (football). Guess the outcome of the 1st half and whole game. The task is harder, but the coefficient is higher. For example, “Barcelona” found in Example “betisa”. The victory of the Catalans in the main time is 1.11, and the half/match – 1.70. You want the Catalans won the first 45 min, and then brought the case and scored 3 points.

1×2 bets on the outcome in regulation time

Are made for events where extra time. In football победа1/draw/победа2 for 90 minutes. Remember: if the team win in extra time, the bet will be settled as losers. In basketball there are two outcome – P1/P2, i.e. the overtime is taken into account. The presence of bet on a draw “X” means normal time. Hockey available in three outcomes, and overtime is taken into account depending on the rules of the bookmaker.

bets on the outcome 15 minutes

This type of betting is used in football. Bookmakers propose to determine how complete the first 15 mins are Always the lowest KF. “X”, since teams do not have time to open an account so quickly. However, the part of the top clubs in matches with outsiders score quick goals on a regular basis. Starts right off the bat, for example, the Munich “Bavaria”.

Bet on double chance

Bet on double chance includes 2 version of the game. Ie, the player bets against something: 1 – victory against team 2, x2 – victory against 1st, 12 – against the draw. Cafe is lower, but the probability of winning is higher.

Double the outcome is used for hedging when there is no firm assurance. It is rarely used single – factor. But in the systems or in multiples it is used often.

The opposite outcomes

Many of the matches are nervous – there is a normal desire to hedge and lock in profits. Bettor makes 2 bets on the opposite outcomes. Refer to this betting strategy game loyal. BK of the Swedish Unibet offers insurance in auto mode “Cash-In”. We suggest you to bet on opposite outcomes for the fixation of income – live in one office.

Betting on opposite outcomes in different betting is a fork. To use them is risky, despite the availability of automated services to find. Wanting to get a small guaranteed profit, the player runs the risk of being blocked. Office reserve the right to confiscate the winnings by games on the forks.

completed bets on the outcome

There are situations when the game ended, and the bookmaker still offers the event on the live line. It is a mistake BC that its staff is 100% find. Taking advantage of this “gift”, the player simply helps the bookie to notice his gaffe. A bet on completed the outcome can take, will eventually make a return or even accused of fraud, i.e. it’s a waste of time with the risk of blocking.

Strategy betting on 1×2

Each forms his betting strategy based on theoretical and practical knowledge. Someone is more emotional and aggressive, and someone uses only small coefficients. We recommend you clearly define the sport and the championship. It is desirable that the bettor had access to information about the state teams.

Another important point is self – control. Don’t blindly bet on your favorite team because this is not a professional with a cool head and hot cheerleader. Don’t do and re-bet on the wagering without prior analysis. Bets on favorites with low odds. (to 1.30) can be combined in multiple bets. Try to catch the bookies on the forks – is fraught with emergency lock.

Our advice is part of the General rules. Experiment, but approach each bet with a cool head. The result will not wait!

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