What is the difference between lotteries and betting on sports

What is the difference between lotteries and sports betting

В чем разница между лотереями и ставками на спортPlayers love the thrill are constantly in search of thrills, and honestly rarely find them, but are hesitant to opt-out of adrenaline, which rarely ends well. The most important thing for a player is to find his way and follow it till the end.

If we consider the last drawing of the lottery “Russian Lotto”, you can accurately track the possible odds for each course and the number of winners in the lottery lottery. If we consider the largest category winners, which included 317316 players the highest quotation of 1.81, provided a ceiling rate of 100 rubles. Looking at the coefficient is profitable, the nose a practical point of view this is only a consolation prize, as the maximum amount of net winnings for eight turns before the final 81 ruble, who had to wait for the very last step is only 12 rubles. Decent prizes fell only 44 lucky ticket, knowing that the amount of tickets sold just simply a little less than half a million, this amount is negligible.

It is easy to understand that a lottery ticket is only Sunday morning joy, you expect to win in which is that not to understand anything in the lottery. But as the morning’s balm you can buy ten tickets, but even this does not guarantee that players will be refunded at least half of the money, which makes it popular only among pensioners, well, or tired of searching for suitable outcomes today.

Bookmakers things are very different where you can put 1.81 and win much more than 81 ruble. Today, even the experts agreed that the minimum bet in betting 10 euros, that is, the possible gain is much more than that will the lottery and it is only when considered over the average amount, which often run the risk of players betting on sports.

In General certainly it is now clear that only the sweepstakes you can win real money and not have to wait for days, because the events are available on the websites round the clock, moreover, in addition to real sporting events is very popular and virtual sport is very loved by players.


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