What is cash-out or sale coupon

Cash-out or sale coupon

Technology in the betting world are developing, operators are fighting for customers and try to offer innovations, including and cash-out. Invented by the Swedish company Unibet, it has been used by many Western BC. In 2016 the option introduced on Leonbets, called “Selling rates”. In essence, if there’s any real practical benefit?

General characteristics of cache-out and explanation of use

Cash-out – early rate calculation bookmaker at a discounted rate. The player gets less than he wanted, but right now, not waiting for the end of the match. To sell your bet before the start of the meeting, and during (in live mode). The practical importance of the cash-out is associated with multiple situations:

  1. To exclude the potential risk. The bet is winning, but the forecaster doesn’t want to wait for the ending of the match (you never know what’s going to happen) and decides ahead of time to take less profit, avoiding the hassle.
  2. Progrus line. Player sets in advance, and then the line “bend” is not in favor of his team. In such cases, the sale of the bet before the event – guarantee the absence of large losses. Losses amount to ~10-15%, taking into account the rate changes and the bookmaker’s margin.
  3. All clear at the beginning of the game. After seeing the first minutes of the match, the bettor realized that some poosible in the forecast. It applies cash-out. The amount of losses strongly depends on the situation. For example, if your opponent tennis player made a break in the first games, the losses will not be pleased. In that situation they are less.
  4. Error in the implementation rate. Comrade corny sometimes pushes the wrong way, choosing not what we need. To correct the mistake will help cash-out. Yes, for the careless will have to pay a little bit, but it is only a few percent of the amount of potential losses.

The essence of sales rates

In fact, cash-out is nothing new. The forecaster can always err by putting on the opposite end of prematch or live. Of course, it will have to resort to using the calculator to use the additional funds. Let’s say you threw 1000 R. to win 1 and on the following day err 500 p. x2. Before the end of the match will involve 1,500 rubles, which limits the finances for predicting other events.

Use the cache-out convenience. It is not necessary to wait until the end of the match, a certain amount immediately appears on your account. Besides, will not have to waste time on mathematical calculations – I will count everything myself. But do not think that the bookmaker – angels, just think about the extra amenities for the people. Their primary goal is profit.

First, using the cash-out person actually making the opposite bet, thus increasing the profit of the bookmaker.Suppose my brother has put on the victory of Chelsea against Arsenal in the ratio of 2.50. After the first half with the score 1:0 in favor of the “aristocrats” and offer him guaranteed to pick up the money at odds of 1.80. If he agrees, as if stamped with a certain amount of x2 to the “Arsenal”, and so concludes a new wager and provides office income.

The second motive bookie – increase the bet. Selling the coupon, the player instantly gets the money and he generates capital for future betting. Man begins to meticulously examine a line to a new forecast. The total amount of rates increases and income from the margin.

Examples of coupons

Cash-out embedded in bookmakers Leon and 1xBet. In the 1st sale of bets available bets in 1xbet – and even on parlays with all nanocavities events. The early calculate are invited until the event is relevant (= taken live bets).

In Leonbets for sale rate need to log in to “My account” > “transaction History” > open event details by clicking the plus sign > click “Sell rate.” As an example, we propose to consider the match of the CHL championship between “Salavat Yulaev” and “torpedo” NN. The forecast was for TM 5.5 when the score was 1:0 for the sum of 100 and a factor of 1.70.

During the first 5-10 minutes of using the cash-out was unfavorable, as all the “ate” the bookmaker margin. Only on the 14th minute of the first period have the opportunity to beat the bet amount.

To break the score in the match “torpedo NN” and “Salavat Yulaev” has not changed. Bookmaker Leon was offered a cash out with a profit of 16 cents (16% of the bet amount), although the coefficient on total is less than 5.5 was 1.3, over – 3.05.

Instead of 52% probability of “low” in total, the break we got a 70%. In the end, the match ended with the score 3:2 in favour of Ufa “Salavat Yulaev”. And the fifth goal Avtozavodtsev scored 13 seconds before the end of regular time – the rate went confident and without insurance.

The second example is the reverse situation – when we need goals. Take a match of youth national teams of England and France. When the score was 1:1 in the 21 th minute, take TB 4.5 goals with a factor of 2.35, and the sum of 70 rubles.

Right after the rate with the cash-out was made possible with a loss of 10 rubles.

Over the next 15 minutes, the team did not score goals. Accordingly, the early return has become possible not 60, and 45 rubles.

The team went on to play a goalless draw, which led to the total disappearance of the 4.5 – out of line. Therefore, the opportunity to sell a bet to not remain: we’ll have to wait for the end of the match and hope for the performance of France and England. But if goals early in the first half happens, total 4.5 will return – the cash-out is again possible.

Cash-out Express

The possibility of using a cash out in the Express limited. 1xBet prohibits the sale of coupons press that started at least one event. Leonbets allow cash-out only for single bets. However, theoretically, the possibility should be considered. The situation arises when a player enters a major factor – it all depends on the last result. There is often a temptation to make Strahova.

If the bookie does not offer technical possibilities for cash-out, you can do it yourself. You can play the opposite outcome of the last event in the parlay. Of course, you have to put a large amount, but if you want a bird in the hand – will have to go for it. In General, little benefit to insure “paravozov” no.

Express assumes the risk of a small sum – 100 rubles. If a person comes to the ratio of 128 (7 events cafam 2.00), it is appropriate to wait for the final result. And meetings sometimes take place in parallel in time, which eliminates the possibility of backup Express.

Insights on selling rates

Cash-out has the right to life, with it people who want to hedge their bets, get quick and convenient technology to do it. Some, seeking to win more often and minimize negative emotions, resort to the “Sale of coupons” on a regular basis, because they are not looking for short-term profit, and are ready to move forward.

With the other hand, cash-out deprives us of a part of profit. Because of the constant use of this option net gain on the course becomes modest, because the bookies do not forget about the margin, seeking to capitalize on the naivety of the players.

The truth, apparently, somewhere in the middle. Occasionally cash-out use appropriate when you consider that money now is more profitable than waiting for the end of the match. Suppose 80 minutes, your team leads 2:0 of course about any early rate calculation, however. If it is the same 80 minutes, the team remained in the minority and the score 1:0 and the opponent presses, you can think about cash-out.

In other cases, use the “Sell rates” not worth it. It is meaningless economically, especially at a distance. Better be attentive to the choice of the match, to pay more attention to the analysis – then about any “safety net” to think is not necessary. The results will be better.

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