What is a flat betting strategy

Strategy flet in sports betting

Flet — financial strategy for determining bet size as a % of Bank, which has several variations.

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In that moment, when questions about game strategy (to justify and pay for sports betting) exceeds the number of possible answers, each bettor is left alone with the thought “so what in the end determines income: gaming or financial component of the strategy?”.

Beginners (and even experienced players) anyway stop to the use of flet as a method of achieving success. First of all, this is the most simple and sensible strategy, and yet it is the most objective from the point of view of financial management. Simply put, flat is profitable, if used correctly.

Flat as it is

Mathematics of flat: – interest rate is not determined by the actual size of your Bank and its interest calculus.

No matter how much money you have in the accounts (100 or 100 thousand), because the flat is designed for a fixed rate. Best 1-3% of the Bank, even better — a maximum of 2%. Using such a strategy, each player receives a number of advantages, chief among them is risk minimization.

Here and there are a number of contradictions. The fact that the flat flat strife, and to beat the bookmaker, you need to understand the nuances of this strategy.

4 types of strategy flet

So, despite the usual perception of flat like a monotonous strategy, it is still versatile. If you try to systematize all its variations in the most condensed form, we obtain a classification into 4 types, each of which has its own unique features.

1. Static.

The classic version of flat — static and virtually risk-free strategy designed for a fairly large amount of capital. Your 100% real Bank, played a static flat, I will be strictly equal to turnover, namely: 100 bets at 1%. It is because of this feature, this flat is called static. Features are two:

— if you are a good forecaster, a lot of you definitely will not lose. As a minimum you will gain the necessary knowledge about what is flat and what is its meaning.

— if you are a good forecaster, confident in the correctness of their method and think with your head, you get a guaranteed profit.

2. Academic.

The more familiar a modification of the flat — academic. This is the same option when the bet size is equal to 1-3% of the initial Bank, depending on the significance of the event and the degree of probability. Simply put, the bet size is determined after the analysis of the lines and events in the direction of increase or decrease.

— if you specializiruetsya on any particular sport, academic flat is a real find for you. With disciplined approach, you self-insure against risks: playing by 3%, after Luz-series lowers the rate to 2% or 1%.

— if you predict a few sports and none of them is isolated, then using academic flat you simply and intelligently manage their money. Agree, it is quite rational and understandable to both beginners and professionals: 2-3% for more significant rates of 1% on the rest.

3. Aggressive.

If the previous two species can with great certainty be called literate and financially viable, aggressive flet quite dangerous. Its meaning is initially distorted approach to strategy: playing (for example) 2-3% after Luz-streak, the bet size is not reduced.

— if you chose this path, be ready that your nervous system will and then checked for strength. For example, there is a desire to move away from the essence of the flat and “a little bit” to play Dogon. In the end, income such actions will not bring, but disappointment will be inevitable. Therefore, choosing an aggressive flat advance rate risks: how many are willing to invest and how much ready (painless) to lose.

— if you play in the offices where the line initially unfavorable, aggressive flat a priori will not give profit. If the risk, only using a couple of bookies with a reasonable margin.

4. Chaotic.

Many believe that the meaning of the flat — a fixed % of the Bank and does not reflect on his value. You need to understand that the rate on 10% for this financial chaos. And if you ever read that “the game 5-15% flat best”, then it was just a chaotic flat. In fact, this strategy is only suitable for small banks, as it has very little to do with the very principle of flat.

— if you believe that chaotic flat will bring income, then try to use it on a large temporal distance. Example: 20 rates 5% per year (quarter, month — the length of time that you consider long).

— if you are going to use small coefficients, then the idea (most likely) doomed to failure. To benefit from the chaotic flat, you should pay attention to the quotes from of 1.55.

What to pay attention?

Like it or not, and nothing is more justifiable than the flat, impossible to think. Even aggressive and chaotic variants always better than the Dogon, and other hazards to capital strategies.

To the flat for a profit, you simply follow the simple rules of this strategy:

  1. Never define a bet size the current size of the pot. % should be strictly of the initial capital, otherwise the risk does not make sense.
  2. After profit is not necessary to recalculate the Bank, defining the new size of the bet, there is a method much better and easier to make a profit and to make a new Bank (which I think is necessary). From the point of view of capital management is the best option.

How to choose the flat?

Of course, everyone chooses a strategy for everyone. In the end, static, flat, not everyone is fit from the point of view of psychology, and chaotic from the point of view of risks. If you’ve come to the conclusion that flat all the criteria fits you and as games, and as a financial strategy, choosing from 4 options, follow simple and clear principles:

1. rate how much you want to invest (capital) and how much you can lose (risk). If the risks are comparable (for you) with a capital, then any of the 4 options is acceptable to you. If, for example, your capital is 1000, and you are ready to lose no more than 500 (even under the worst circumstances), then it is better to choose a static or academic flat.

2. determine what sports you’ll be to predict. If more than 3, then do not use aggressive flat to avoid risks.

3. rate than for you are bets — a hobby, a source of main income or additional income. Then decide for yourself how much you can afford to bet on 1 match. Based on this decision, choose which flat you will be the most useful.

Conclusion or logical outcome

The content of each game strategy is not only methodology, but also possibilities of application in practice. Simply put — the strategy should bring in the income to be easy to use and the most detached from risk. In this sense, the flet is an ideal option.

How to find a flat application in practice — to solve to you personally. Each player, using these guidelines, maybe a little to improve any of the 4 options, adapting it to their manner of betting. So remember the main rule — think with your head and make your passion work for you. Then success will not keep itself waiting long!

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