What does the rate “to be scored”

Rate “to be scored” in football

Bet how will the goal to predict exactly how accomplished a goal. The bookie gives a wide selection, and the player need to goal scored by your chosen method.

Suggested options:

  • foot;
  • head;
  • free kick;
  • in the gate;
  • after a corner;
  • from the penalty spot.

May be other options – it all depends on the imagination of the bookmaker. Determine how a goal is the source of the information, specified in the rules of the office. Usually this is the official website of the competition.

As a first goal will be scored

Rate “As the first goal will be scored” differs in meaning, as is proposed here to guess which way will be made a goal in the case of a specific ball – the first in the game. And the attached list of options complementary to the variant – “the first goal will not” exclude the option to return.

You need to understand that the option of “goal No. 1 will be scored with a game leg” excludes goals scored from set pieces and own goals – we are talking only about goals from the game.

Example rates “to be scored”

Football. The America’s Cup. Colombia – Paraguay. 8.06.16

Colombians confidently defeated in the first round of the jubilee of the America’s Cup with the host team of the championship – the United States, and Paraguay failed to break the resistance Costa Rica. Composed of Colombians and Paraguayans have enough top players head, because it makes sense to take a risk and bet that in this match the first goal will be scored from the second floor. Put 1000 rubles with a factor of 5.0.

As it was, actually, account

Already on the 12th minute of the match in Columbia was the combination when after a pass of James Rodriguez Milan striker Carlos bacca hammer the ball into the net with a header. Bet would play and the payout would be 5,000 rubles.

Where to bet “to be scored”

On the website of the BC 1xbet are at least all. In addition to a wide line and range of betting on goals, the office offers high odds, many types of payments and quick payouts.


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