What does the rate “score in half”

How to understand a bet “score in half”

Bookmakers take bets on goals scored for the whole match and separate the halves. Bet on goal in the half means that this team must get the ball into the selected half of the game.

Options rates:

  • First to score – Yes/No;
  • The second score – Yes/No.

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Example rates “score in half”

Football. The America’s Cup. Ecuador – Peru. 9.06.16

Ecuador and Peru are in the group with Haiti and Brazil, because for them a very important personal meeting in which you can find out who gets the second ticket to the playoffs, but the Brazilians. Ecuador is a team that long swings, because suppose your goal “banana” team to score in the second half put 1000 rubles with a factor 1.58.

As it was, actually, account

The match turned out to be extremely productive, and the Ecuadorians had to recoup after the two quick goals conceded. It was done with goals and the turn of the periods – on the 39th and 48th minutes. The second case is a goal in the second half, that it was necessary for our bet.

When put on goal in the half?

It happens, bet on the favorite goal goes under the weak factor – 1.2-1.4 and in this case, it is possible to complicate to itself the task, predicting his goal in a specific time – first or second that will give a quote of 1.5+, and potentially a greater amount of winnings.

Where to bet “score in half”

On the website of the BC 1xbet are at least all. In addition to a wide line and range of betting on goals, the office offers high odds, many types of payments and quick payouts.


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