What does the rate “Score and will not win the match”

How to understand the bet: to Score and not to win

In football there is the concept of the comeback when the team lost, but took the initiative and at least doesn’t lose. In the offices of a bet on this turn is called a “score first and not win the match,” she demands, vypolnenie two conditions – the team opened the scoring, but drew or lost in the end.

Options in bet ‘to score first and not win the match’:

  • team 1 – Yes;
  • team 2 – Yes.

There is a proposal to guess which team will score but not win, but the odds will be much lower than in the example below.

Example rates “to Score first and not win the match”

Football. The America’s Cup. Colombia – Paraguay. 8.06.16

Colombia likes to start fast and score a quick goal, but the Paraguay in this match in any case impossible to play and it is possible that it will play a script, you need to bet “to Score first and not win the match” set that is going to happen to Columbia with a ratio of 6.3 – 1000.

The reality, bill

Colombia really scored first and the first condition rates very quickly carried out – already on 12-th minute when the score was opened by Carlos bacca. But then Colombia scored a second, making a comeback to Paraguay. In the end, “Guarani” one ball played, but still managed to upset the favorite, but if scored, the score became 2:2 and the bet would have played!

When put on the Score and not win the match?

Focus on long-term habits of teams. Often skipping the first, not doing it by accident – they simply have a problem focusing early in the game. Relatively speaking, there are teams-owls out in the field, yawning, and there are “larks”, ready to stun the opponent blitzkrieg and fast goal. So here you need to find a combination that “lark”, who loves to score first and owls with a strong character, i.e., teams that have a habit of waking the beginning of the match, but then catch up during the meeting.

Where to bet “Score and will not win the match”

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