What does the rate of 12 (against draw)

How to understand the rate of 12 (vs a draw)

12 – bet against the draw = to win any team. 12 much less popular among players in the bukm.offices than its relatives on the double Exodus (1X and x2).

12 common bet in football and hockey. In other sports the option “12” is impossible (are no draws) or are rare and not be bookmakers.

As a rule, the betting levy from betting on a double chance 12, 1X, x2 are identical margin. On average, it rarely exceeds 7.5%. The assertion that rates 12 less favorable to the players is misguided.

Betting against a draw 0-0, 1-1, 2-2

Bet against the draw 0-0 is possible. In the line see Total > 0.5. To get the win, we need at least one goal from either team. Bet against 0-0, i.e., TB>0.5, it is possible to play at a specific time. In this case, the ratio will be higher, but will increase the risks, because need 1 goal for 90 and 45 minutes.

Betting against a draw 1-1 or 2-2 in supplying unrealistic. Companies don’t offer the option against a specific account. Easier to play the classical rate-12 – against any tie.

Betting strategy 12

Betting against the draw is attractive when both teams need a win. Such situations meet in the group stages of the European Cup, or major competitions of national teams. For the club contests in the country, one match does not decide anything and even conditional Bayern for a draw is not going through.

It is logical to put 12 in basic matches. In a duel, real Madrid and Catalan Barcelona, no team will not play for a draw.

In hockey, the rate is 12 for the normal time and including overtime. In the 1st case, keff reaches 1.30 and 2 will not exceed 1.15. Of course, in the playoffs when the opponents are playing “the puck” 12 with the overtime is not available.

To formulate an adequate strategy betting 12 to other sports is problematic. In tennis the draw is impossible in principle. In the MLB where the winner teams use an extra inning. In basketball, the probability of a draw is small and bookmakers don’t offer bets 12 in the painting.

Where to place bets 12 (vs a draw)

12 is everywhere, therefore we suggest to choose the office reliable and proven – as Leonbets, where beginners will find exclusive bonus up to 300$ and points for every bet.


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