What does the rate 2 (team 1 will win)

How to understand the rate of x2 (the second team will not lose)

Bet 2 – win of the second team or a draw. Players will be satisfied with any result except home win. This dual outcome is popular in football and hockey. In other team sports where there is a draw, such an event almost never occurs. Rate x2 are principal: they will be able to find at any bookmaker.

2x bet against the victory of the first team – insurance. A player deliberately sacrifices a high coefficient in the name of reliability. When you are satisfied with just 2 of the 3 outcomes of the match, there is a greater sense of confidence. Sometimes double chance is an attempt to take the risk. For example, instead of the handicap (+2) on growth in away match with Zenit, the bettor takes x2. The ratio here is much higher.

Bet on 2 identical форе2 +0.5. Some Western bookmakers prefer to carry double the chance to kinds of odds, but the content remains the same. To distinguish bet on “x2 will not lose” from the handicap 2(0). For a draw at a zero handicap player gets a refund, and the winnings only if you win. But the coefficient for F0 above.

The calculation of rates 2x is no refunds. For example, to meet real Madrid and Catalan Barcelona. We decided to play on the strength of “blue garnet” putting on the x2 If you will win or play a draw, then the bookie will pay winnings. With the victory of real Madrid – calculate the loss. Payment with cafam “1” is impossible.

Betting strategy 2 (draw or away win) in bookmakers

1. Bet against a home win x2 is more often used in multiples. The player chooses 2 or 3 games, seeking at the expense of peremerki to achieve a decent ratio. This format we do not recommend, as home teams often present sensation. The support of the fans, home and transcendent motivation is an essential attribute of the home matches of most European clubs and national teams.

2. As bets a bet of 2 is appropriate to use when the coefficient of 1.50. Your team is a slight underdog at the line, but the chance to take points away from the notebook favorite, according to bookmaker, great. In modern football, and hockey, the opponents equalized in the clubs investors, there is money and status players. So, the old leaders will increasingly give points underdogs.

3. A bet on the “x2 the second team will not lose,” it is possible to insure during the match. Almost all football and hockey matches in the office of Leon are live. If your team is ahead, the odds on the home win will rise. On it and you can put a small amount in order to obtain a guaranteed profit. To wilkawatt to match c x2 – we do not recommend. Sooner or later the security service of the bookmaker to block you, and for 1-2% of the profits.

4. Consider the movement of the line. The home team, especially a favorite, believe battery. They are beginning to “ship” to win 1, inadvertently increasing the ratio at 2x. This confidence of colleagues you need to turn in their favor. So better bet shortly before the match, when the line was finally formed. Again, many bookmakers on the match day increase the odds.

Where to bet x2 (aprogress away team)

2x is everywhere, therefore we suggest to choose the office reliable and proven – as Leonbets, where beginners will find exclusive bonus up to 300$ and points for every bet.


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