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Experienced players constantly putting in bookmakers, aware of the popular types of bets — single (single), combined (the Express system). They use the outcome, double chance and any additional pari ~ Asian handicap, pass team, first goalscorer and all that you can bet in the match. The bookies are going to meet and propose to predict up to what color shoes go out on the field Cristiano Ronaldo.

One of the emerging innovations, unknown to many type of bid chain, with appropriate luck quite profitable for the player.

The essence of the chain

Chain = a series of consecutive bets of a fixed size taken from the Bank after calculation of the previous events.

The chain can be considered more reliable hybrid Express and system, where they play a few events, the coefficients are multiplied (not payoffs space), but the rate continues to play out even with multiple napadenye outcomes — most importantly, to her have remained at least some penny.

Your task is to guess all the outcomes (=to the maximum gain), but the open chain does not mean that the rate is completely lost — even if not played by some projections, the chain will be nephrography, until its balance is the sum > zero.

Here as written in the rules one of the offices:

the calculations in the chain

A very important feature of the chain, bets are calculated in chronological order in the coupon (as you chose), but not at the time of the match. In other words, if the coupon No. 2 to put the match beginning tomorrow at 16:00 and under # 1 — the day after tomorrow at 17:00, the first will be designed, and if you lose, then bet in the chain will break before it began => the coupon will lose, despite the fact that all subsequent results you guessed correctly.

The loss of the first event means that the coupon no money and expect to win in the second just not why. Losing the chain when her account is an amount equal to zero. If the first bet wins, followed by the subsequent, you put 100 rubles on 6 events, you’ll win.

For example, you set 50 RUB on the chain of the 4 positions:

  • tennis: Nadal — Federer L1 for 1.9
  • football: England — France 1X over 1.5
  • football: Zenit — FC Moscow 2 2.5
  • volleyball: Bulgaria – Portugal 2 2.3

calculation : the first match should definitely guess, otherwise all. Nadal won and you have in the Bank 50*1.9=95, 2nd bet also wins and it turns out the Bank=(95-50) + 50*1.5=120, 3-I’m not lucky and you 120-50=70, 4th if win Portugal, it will be (120-50) + 50*2.3=185, otherwise you will be 70, i.e. to the 4th event with one loss you’re already in the black. If, for example, 2-I lose, then the chain will have a chance to return to plus 45 rubles on the 3rd bet.

4 of the Council at rates of type chain

  1. It is very important to choose a strong Foundation – the first bet, which would put in place other gaming options. Ideally – to take an event with odds of 2.0 and above, able to provide Finance from the next two bets (on all links of the chain are the same amount).
  2. To risk better in the links, going after the “slam dunks” – after all, if you don’t play first position, the whole chain will fall apart. Bet the chain is a really good option for controversial matches, as they allow you to think more not the jackpot money that is morally liberating and allows you to think calmly.
  3. Bet the chain is good because if a “Domino effect” will be launched, the player will provide themselves with passion and interest for the whole day, or even two, by staking only the initial amount. This is a sure stop for those who can’t stay at the days with lots of fun – Saturday and Sunday.
  4. Chain = save time – to make bets in the morning while the head thinks clear and the brain is not crowded with lot of external distractions. Experience shows that the best time to analysis it early and taking the right decisions, you can improve the chances of success.

Rates of the species chain. Yesterday and today

Chain in some bookmakers call the conventional rate. They were particularly popular in the ground points of reception in an age when online betting was in its infancy and was only available to units.

The conditional allows the player not to spend all day at the point of reception and “charge” betting the algorithm for a long period. The start time of the matches were not of the same value as the order rates, and the number of possible scenarios increases with each new link in the chain. Conditional not very fond of the cashiers PPS – they often consisted of many Express trains, which delayed the process of placement.

With the release of online bookmakers in the need to spend the day and night in the office anymore. Now, virtually all that make conditional bets in a network, build a chain throughout the day, but do it gradually, starting to think about the next step after drawing the previous one. No longer need to live near faculty and sit there for hours – the Internet gave fans of the betting freedom, the ability to deliver at any time, without interrupting their routine activities.

Insights betting chain

Chain good rate anyone who is not willing or able to spend the whole day on the network open website of the bookmaker. Put all options on the shelves, ostavalsya in the morning and then just relaxing and watching the results. This approach saves from the fever, rush, saves useful time. Rate chain take rare the bookies, but we know them!

Where to put chains?

Our No. 1 choice — Leon in automatic mode, it offers no => suggest to use 1xbet, whose range of such chips is impressive. The chain is elementary — choose form the coupon, indicate the type, amount, and wait for the result. The alternative is a conditional bet gives more flexibility and allows you to connect events in the Express and set the individual amount at each step.


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