What does the Asian handicap (handicap) betting

Asian handicap (handicap)

Asian handicap – a tricky combo bet 2 the odds are, understand them and you understand the narrow-eyed, and bkr.bet 100% help!

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Что значит азиатская фора (гандикап) в ставках

History of Asian handicap

Is considered to be the bets with odds of multiples of 0.25 originated in Asia (Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia) in the late XX century, and the prerequisite was the absence in the East officially sanctioned betting.

Players had to bet between themselves or it is illegal to use “underground” office. In such a situation, in the absence of the Internet, experienced analysts who know the theory of probability, calculate odds, even for clashes with two outcomes represented the difficulty. Not to mention football, where there is the possibility of a draw.

A real boon in this situation was the betting system, in which the result of one of the teams added to handicap (a handicap) in a few heads. Thus, the chances of the teams have been adjusted and calculated with a probability of 50 percent. Thanks to this innovation, anyone, even illiterate people could act in the role of the player and the bookie.

First came the integer handicaps (+1, +2 …). Then, a multiple of 1/2 (+0.5, +1.5 …). But in this little-scoring sport like football, even half of the goal is sometimes not enough to equalize the chances of commands and system not fully justified. The solution was found – rates multiples of 0.25 goals which we today call ”Asian handicap”. With the ability to hedge a bit, they have gained popularity among fans of betting and constantly increase it.

Common terminology there. In many foreign offices all odds called Asian. In Russia, the bookmakers went his way: an integer multiple of 0.5 handicap is customary to call “handicaps”, and a multiple of 0.25 goals Asian.

ascetisism the odds in a single bet

When you bet “Asian handicap”, in fact the office accepts two. So, AF ratio (+1,25) is a set of two bets on odds: (+1) and (+1,5). The amount for each is 50% of you put. The overall result is equal to the sum of the winnings of the two rates.

The result of the match, you can: 1) win both bets; 2) one, and the other to return; 3) two to lose.

See the options of calculating the Asian handicap at a concrete example:

Что значит азиатская фора (гандикап) в ставках

Let the bet amount is 100.

In this case, acts Asian handicap handicap +/- 0,75 on any team.

+0.75 to Villarreal is split into 2 bets with odds (+1) and (+0,5).

  • if you lose the hosts 2 goals – all is lost;
  • if you lose 1 goal – lose half on the handicap (+0,5) and over (+1), we obtain the return, ie, to the payment 100/2*0+100/2*1=50p.;
  • if the match ends in a draw or a win Villarreal, the winnings are equal to stake multiplied by the coefficient of handicap (100*2,1=210).

-0.75 per at real Madrid means 2 bets with odds (-1) and at (-0.5).

  • to obtain the maximum possible gain (100*1,72=172), real needs to win by difference of 2 goals or more;
  • if he wins with a difference of 1 goal, then have one side winning and the other return, i.e. the sum of the results = 100/2*1,72+100/2*1=136р.
  • but if real loses a game or plays in a draw, then the whole bet is lost.

It is easy to see do not underestimate if the bookies odds on Asian handicap. It is equal to the average of coefficients at adjacent odds multiple of 0.5, i.e. K=(K1+K2)/2.

Table possible outcomes of the Asian and the usual odds

Full payout at


Handicap 0


draw return

Asian handicap +0.25


the draw of winning 50% and 50% refund

Handicap +0.50

win and a draw


Asian handicap +0.75

win and a draw

defeat 1 goal — lose 50% and return 50%

Handicap +1

win and a draw

defeat 1 goal — refund

Asian handicap +1.25

win and a draw

defeat 1 goal is to win 50% and return 50%

Handicap +1.50

victory, draw and defeat in 1 goal


Asian handicap +1.75

victory, draw and defeat in 1 goal

if the 2 — loss of 50% and 50% refund

Handicap +2

victory, draw and defeat in 1 goal

if the 2 — return

Asian handicap +2.25

victory, draw and defeat in 1 goal

if the 2 — win 50% and return 50%

Handicap +2.5

victory, draw and defeat to 2


If negative handicaps everything is determined in a similar way.

Details and examples on the Asian odds

+2.75 +2.25 +1.75 +1.25 +0.75 +0.25 -0.25 -0.75 -1.25 -1.75 -2.25 -2.75

ascetisism handicap in composition of the Express

If you bet on the Asian handicap was part of a parlay or system, the number of variants is doubled.

For example, shipped Express 100 rubles of the two events with a total of 3.25. Both pairs played 3-0. How much do we get? There actually will be 4 Express: >3,>3; >3,>3.5; >3.5,>3; >3.5,>3.5, so, one receiving 25 p, all others in the trash.

Features calculate Asian odds in live betting

Most reputable firms like bet365, when the match is already underway, taking bets on the Asian handicap on the remaining goals, no matter what the expense. For example, if 1-2, you bet, and the game ended 3-3, the calculation will be based on the score of 2-1, according to the goals scored after a bet.

4 plus Asian handicap

1. The man given to make a choice of two outcomes instead of three, which implies that market 1-X-2.

2. The handicap allows you to increase the probability of winning without a significant reduction in the ratio. So, in the above match KEF to win real much lower, but when you bet on the handicap (-1), the probability of return.

3. Handicap better protect from unexpected results. For example, at a rate (-0,25) in case of a tie, and never expected winning team is the favorite, the player will get half of the money raised.

4. Less risk of handicap in comparison with the usual handicap can be successfully used for enabling the event in the Express or the system.

The Asian handicap line offices

Asian handicap betting line bookmakers aim to maximize painted — mass customer Asian handicap do not use => in the same Leon AF is present is impermanent.

For regular bets on Asian handicap, note 1xbet all odds they publish a single list:

Что значит азиатская фора (гандикап) в ставках


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