What does bet on “goal time”

That means a bet on a goal time to the minute

Often the bookies are taking bets on the interval in minutes for something to happen. One of the bet – “the team will score a goal N then”, i.e., to predict time goal in minutes for the specified intervals. Before the match refers to the first ball, then in live – each.

Bet on goal time to the minute

The intervals for this type of bet bookmakers choose for yourself. Often the match is divided into 2-3 gap, but sometimes in the painting is more detailed and variation – up to 15 minutes.

In betting on the goal you need to remember that the goal scored at 30:01 is 31 minutes, but 29:59 – even the 30th. Bookmakers in the determination of the moment of scoring is always guided by the rules prescribed in the official sources, because the challenge of the goal is not possible, even if the source is wrong, but this happens very rarely.

An example from real life bets on time goals

Football. Euro-2016. Germany – Ukraine. 12.06.16

Germany does not want to spend in the first match of Euro 2016 a lot of effort and so I will try to score a quick goal to go on at idle and not overwork excessively. Put on what team 1 (Germany) scores first goal with 1 at the 30th minute with a factor of 2.18 in 1000.

As happened in reality, account

Everything was as we expected – the defender of Shkodra Mustafi opened the scoring on 19 minutes, and later the German team played in a row, even if sometimes she had hard times because of the huge desire of Ukrainians not to lose. Bet would 2180 R.

Where to bet on “goal time”

On the website of the BC 1xbet are at least all. In addition to a wide line and range of betting on goals, the office offers high odds, many types of payments and quick payouts.


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