What does a bet on penalty

Betting on a penalty

Betting on a penalty associated with the appointment of 11-meter free kick in a football match. The penalty is in football if you violate the rules in the penalty area by a player of the defending team. The judge must be a good reason to point to the spot.

First rate on the penalty spot appeared at European bookmakers, they are now available in a line of any serious online BK. The probability of the event (and ratios) vary depending on the season. In the English Premier League referees are rarely point to point. In contrast, a penalty is commonplace, and the bookmaker can safely offer KF. 1.50 11-th will not.

The betting options on the penalty spot

In addition to standard bets on the presence or absence of a penalty, offices and other proposed options. For example, “will have a penalty first and score” or “will have a penalty the second and did not score,” etc. Such combinations are rare, so are accompanied by high prices. 1xBet betting football gives a magnificent painting, there is a penalty in the range:

Rate “will be in the match missed penalty” implies that the game will appoint a 11-meter, and the batter is not able to implement it. The ratio of this event is >10, as the player need the “point” and penalties simultaneously. Remember, betting on a penalty apply to regulation time. Additional series of penalty strokes by the bookmakers for betting purposes are not taken into account.

A penalty is often the result of “foul”. Judges punish the offending players red cards, appointing a 11-meter free-kick. So the bookies are willing to offer to play for “a penalty and a will”. To win a penalty and a during the match. Moreover, the removal and 11-meter free-kick can happen at different times.

Betting strategy on the penalty spot

Rate on the penalty spot doing the rookies and the professionals. First don’t miss the opportunity to test their intuition, because the element of randomness in the rate “penalty would be” extremely high. As for professionals, they will analyse upcoming events and tightly study the statistics of teams/referees. Experienced players prefer to bet on the lack of 11-meter. The coefficient for this event is equal to 1.30 – 1.50. You can combine them in a parlay.

For the correct rate on the penalty spot, you need to study the statistics of the chief referee appointed 11-metre blows. It is available on the official websites of their respective football Championships. You must also contact the media. Sports journalists sometimes clearly noticed the fans has to be “point”. In Russia the leader on the appointment of 11-meter – referee Sergey Karasev.

In addition to the judicial statistics, it is necessary to look at the statistics of the team in a penalty shootout. It is also available on the official websites of the football competition. There are teams who “podesheveyut” judges. Pay attention to the personality of Central defenders. Among them are “firefighters” who can not play in their penalty area. Consider the nature of the relationship teams. If this is a Derby, then there are passions, a lot of fouls and as a result the chances of “point”.

In betting on the 11-meter should take into account average statistics for the championship, the manner of judging in specific countries. For example, in England the penalty is only set when “iron” violation of the rules by the opponent. In Spain and Italy, the judges indicate a “point” is much more likely. Among the leading national Championships record for the number of 11-meter is the Russian Premier League.

Conclusion for bets penalties

In bets on a penalty high element of chance. They belong to the category of the additional events, so the money the highs here are not great. Even with careful study of statistics and the proper choice of the match, there is always the risk of prescribing the “point”. We believe that the line can find a more reliable coefficient of 1.40. It may be a zero handicap and double chance.


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