What does 1x 12 2x double chance (Exodus) rates

What is double chance (chance) in the rates

Bet on double chance (1x 12 2x) wins upon the occurrence of a selected two of the three possible outcomes of a match (=to guess what will happen).

“Deuce” is popular among betterof because of the wonderful opportunity to cover a player deliberately goes to a reduction in the coefficient with the aim to protect themselves from loss.

General characteristics double outcome

The bets double on the outcomes 1x 12 2x put rare. Mostly multiples of 2-3 events. With a modest multiplication of the coefficients, the bettor gets a chance for a decent final score. Cafe here is always lower than that on just the outcome. This is not due to the desire of the bookmakers to extract additional profit, and elementary mathematics: more the probability of winning – less ratio.

Что значит 1х 12 2х двойной шанс (исход) в ставках

Most spread betting on double chance got in football. The draws happen often, so lovers of bets trying to hedge. Hockey double chance – less relevant, the team try to resolve all issues in regulation time. In basketball 1X, x2, 12 – not used because a negligible probability of a draw in regulation time.

What do you mean 1x, x2, 12 – all the betting options

Bets double chance 1x what is this?

1X – home win or draw, i.e., the hosts won’t lose (= vs away team wins). Common in football, especially when the favorite is not obvious. For example, in “Arsenal” in the away match with “Southampton exhibited a coefficient of 2.34, while 1 in favor of “the saints” can be supplied with cafam 1.60. Read more

Bets double chance 2x what it is

X2 – victory of the second team or a draw, i.e. the guests won’t lose (= against the victory of the hosts). The iPod can be used both football and hockey. It is better to avoid the x2 in those Championships, where they often win the masters. Illustrative example is the English Premier League. Here even clear middle is able to beat the favorite, and fan support is crazy in nature. Article

Bets double chance 12 what is this

12 – the bet against the draw. This form of betting is ignored by Beltrami aimed at identifying the strongest. The bookmaker offers a “12” weak coefficients. Using a 12 reasonable in a critical match where a draw is not ustravivaet both sides or when there is a clear favorite. The difference in between simple kefah victory of the Grand and the rate of “12” is equal to a couple hundredths. Read

Betting options double the outcome

Usually 1x, x2, 12 put on the whole game, but in offices with large paintings as 1xbet double the chances not take part-time, 15-30-60-70 minute and a half.

Что значит 1х 12 2х двойной шанс (исход) в ставках

To complicate the task and raise the ratio see “Double chance + total” and lovers of statistics offers Angular, Yellow cards, shots on target, Offsides and Fouls.

Betting strategy for double chance

Strategy bets on double chance needs to be selective. Play on 1X, 12, x2 you need friends in the Championships – a necessary analysis for the upcoming event.

It is advantageous to play for double chance in the presence of a clear outsider. Suppose, for example, “Barcelona” accepts “real Betis”. The victory of the Catalans – 1.1, on a victory “betisa” – 19.00, x2 – 7.00. Rather, the “blue garnet” will play a draw than lose in their own stadium. Double chance allows you to consider both events.

You should not take 1x, x2, 12 Championships, where they often win the masters. In addition to the above the English Premier League is German Bundesliga and Italian Serie A. But to approach each match individually you need.

Double outcomes, it is advisable to play hockey. Kapow the difference between winning in regulation time and 1X may be only a few tenths. In recent years, hockey has been a trend to draw the results. In the NHL, a win in regulation time and in overtime to give the same number of points – 2. In the KHL gradually the gap between the giants and outsiders gradually faded away and draw outcomes in regulation time happen more often.

To wilkawatt with 1X, 12, x2 – is not profitable. The coefficients below, search events – is problematic. The risk of blocking by a bookmaker for a direct violation of the rules.

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