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How to understand Asian total

With the development of betting business grow and the requests of the players. Many are no longer satisfied with the usual football matches with the ability to bet on the outcome of the game, handicap or total goals,so now in the painting you can see a lot of new, sometimes difficult to understand the betting options, one of them is the Asian total.

Asian total (in the line marked with the number of multiples of 0.25, for example — 2.25, 2.75, 3.25 ) = a combination bet on 2 adjacent normal total.

Что значит азиатский тотал

The use of Asian total need in matches where the standard value for the number of goals scored is a multiple of 0.5 (2.0, 2.5, 3.0, etc.) is too high or too low. It depends on the playing style of the teams of the championship. Thus, the German Bundesliga is highly effective, and the championship of Italy and Russia malololelei. Asian total makes the player’s prediction more flexible and less risky, while excluding the chance of a complete return rate.

At less popular with players than the Asian handicap, however, from the theoretical point of view its use is more justified. Betting odds you want to predict as the winner of the match and needed the advantage of one team. When you define the same total, the player is required to guess only the performance of the match, which is convenient when it is difficult to single out favourites of confrontation and right to compare the strength of opponents.

ascetisism total

Let us examine the principle of the calculation of the Asian total, taking for example the value of 2.25:

Our bet is divided into two formed by two adjacent (multiples of 0.5) to the totals given. In our example, these will be the values 2.0 and 2.5.

For each of the totals is half the sum of all rates. According to the results of the match are possible three options of calculation:

1. For maximum winnings from bets “over 2.25”, you need to play both bets-half, so the teams scored three goals or more.

2. If the participants of the match will score two goals, then we lose not all the money, as it would be if the standard rate for the total is 2.5, but only half, in half put on 2.0 will be returned.

3. In the case that the match will be scored one goal or none, the rate, naturally, will lose completely.

Similarly calculated and the bet “total under 2.25” with a very interesting (favorable for the player) difference in intermediate (partially successful) variant — with two goals scored in the match half your amount will be multiplied by the coefficient, and the other half will be calculated with coefficient unit, ie it will return. A similar situation would be if you put more than 2.75 and 3 goals.

Asian total line offices

Что значит азиатский тотал

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