Virtual betting Strategy for football

Betting strategy for virtual football

Стратегия ставок на виртуальный футболVirtual football is a product of the bookmakers, which is gaining popularity at rapid pace. In connection with the increased interest of gamblers for various resources began to appear strategy. Bets on virtual football for bookmakers is very advantageous from the point of view of attracting new customers. In conditions of ruthless competition, this segment becomes one of the main on the market.

Distinctive features

Bets on virtual football you can do at any time of the day. Virtual football is a process which works on the principle of the generator of random numbers. This offer bookmakers resembles a simulation game which round the clock broadcast on the website of the bookmaker. However, despite all this, playing strategy in a virtual football.

To make the game as close to reality, the bookmakers use the latest software. The program generates each action of the player. Is reflected in virtually all the same as in real football (the position of commands in standings, personal statistics, health status of the player, etc.). More and more bookmakers introduced into the list of services betting on virtual football. Among the pioneers are popular among Russian players bookmakers, as Paris-Match, Sportingbet and William Hill.

Basic betting strategies

“Drown in Madrid”. This strategy will remind many bettors famous martingale. The basis of the strategy is that you need all the time to put on the same team when they are playing away. To bid you need to the time till she wins. With each successive bet to the minimum bet.

“The first goal”. To begin, select the command, which is located in the middle of the table, then will focus on its first goal. Many players have questioned the effectiveness of this strategy, because a sober assessment of the situation impossible because of the transience of duels and tournaments.


Bets are accepted around the clock, and the match result became known in a matter of minutes.

— Virtual football match for the duration of much less than real.

Tournaments in virtual football are very fast, so you can quickly test the interesting financial strategy.


Players available a huge amount of fights, resulting in fall off of the development of gambling.

— The matches in virtual football is almost the same as and slot machines.

— When you watch real football, there is a entertaining moment, but in the virtual football it is not.

— High margin of bookmakers.

— Not suitable as a long-term source of income.


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