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Unlike betting on handicap in the Russian and European offices

Fora — Russian analogue of English batting-term handicap (=advantage). A simple translation was not limited and under one name came up a few betting options.

Problematic issue of for-handicaps

Quite often, when discussing the next match with friends and watching bets on the odds line offices, people have a misunderstanding. It would seem that == event is offered at different rates — so much so that it is impossible to justify the difference in opinions of bookmakers on this match.

Questions arise when calculating rates. Players used to work with Russian firms after the first rates in foreign, sometimes I believe that they were deceived in the world (online Dating reviews). Of course, it’s not fraud on the part of foreign bookmakers, too cherished reputation to allow such, and in significant contrast to the principle of bets with handicap in different companies, as reflected in the rules.

So, what is the fundamental difference in the odds for Russian and Western bookmakers?

The Russian system of for

Many are familiar with the system of formation and calculation of handicaps, which is used by Russian companies. Let us briefly recall it: there are an integer (0, +/-1, 2, 3 etc.) and multiple half goal (+/- 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, etc.) handicaps. The player is prompted to choose a winner given the odds.

The bet is winning if when adding (or subtracting) the handicap to the final result, the score turns in favor of the team that gave you a head start. Otherwise the bet is lost. If, adding to the expense of have a head start, you got a draw, your bet is calculated with the coefficient 1, or in other words returns to you.

For example, fora (0) means that your win only if the team win, and a draw a refund.

According to this principle, it is possible to bet in Leonbets, they’re referred to as Asian handicap or simply handicap.

The European handicap system

A little more difficult to understand is the system proposed a number of Western firms. The fundamental difference is the lack of options when rate is calculated with coefficient 1 and return. The player is invited to choose one of three possible results that can happen based on the selected shapes including a draw. It is clear that in the offices of the odds are only integer, otherwise a draw considering the handicap is simply impossible.

The terminology is arbitrary: the “Triple handicap”, “handicap goal”, etc. names.

In the vast majority of matches of the European firms given the 1-0 handicap one of the teams, in this case:

  • When you choose victory favourite with a handicap, you need to win by two goals or more.
  • Bet the draw with handicap implies that you expect a victory of the favourite with one goal difference. For all other results your bet will be considered lost.
  • Finally, if you chose the victory of the underdog with handicap 1-0, then you need to at least not lose. This bet is similar bet to win or draw (1X or x2) team, otherwise known as double chance.

What are the pros and cons of such a system? In this case, the player is invited to choose one of the three events, which of course, is already a difficulty. However, the coefficients on the odds for this line are significantly higher compared to the same presented in the Russian offices. In this little goal-scoring sports like football, often suffer the victory with one goal difference, which allows to predict the Western system.

All the types of betting odds in detail

Handicap 1st team

Handicap 1 (-4) Handicap 1 (-3.5) Handicap 1 (-3) Handicap 1 (-2.5) Handicap 1 (-2) Handicap 1 (-1.5) Handicap 1 (-1) Handicap 1 (-0.5) Handicap 1 (0) Handicap 1 (+0.5) Handicap 1 (+1) Handicap 1 (+1.5) Handicap 1 (+2) Handicap 1 (+2.5) Handicap 1 (+3) Handicap 1 (+3.5) Handicap 1 (+4)

Odds are the 2nd team

2 Handicap (-4) Handicap 2 (-3.5) Handicap 2 (-3) Handicap 2 (-2.5) Handicap 2 (-2) 2 Handicap (-1.5) Handicap 2 (-1) Handicap 2 (-0.5) Handicap 2 (0) Handicap 2 (+0.5) Handicap 2 (+1) Handicap 2 (+1.5) Handicap 2 (+2) Handicap 2 (+2.5) Handicap 2 (+3) Handicap 2 (+3.5) Handicap 2 (+4)

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