Transitions of the top scorers and how to make money on it, betting against such players

Transitions top scorers and how to make money on it, betting against such players

Переходы топ-бомбардиров и как заработать на этом, ставя против таких футболистовIt’s only assumed that football is strictly a team competition, and goals — the result of joint creativity. Yet from the conditional Ngolo Kant, for all his chances to be recognized as the best player in the Premier League, expect goals less than Ronaldo with Messi. Yes, of course, all football clubs and their compositions — non-permanent value. Before the team could be stable, but now the players are constantly changing their place of work, not pulling requirements, go to the weaker team, then with a flash, go for a kind of improving, in Grand.

Of course, the bookies always take into account such transfers. One of the most popular lines — where to go a particular player. If you want you can find the offer at the time of the transaction and/or the cost of the contractor. Sometimes, as a rule, already after the “move”, added to them and even offer to guess how much a rookie will score at a new place for themselves — for example, up to 10, 10-20, more than 20 goals. And experts believe that in these lines you can earn good amount.

Goal scorers are always considered to be a rare exception. Usually, they expect a lot, and this optimism is transmitted from the fans through betterof exposed quotes. Lines are constructed in such a way that ability quite often overestimated. For example, the player expects that he, at least, will not reduce your level. But you need to adapt at least to a new club and League, to find a common language with the new coach who will have his vision of the position and tasks of the recruit to “get used” to the partners and the scheme as a whole. Very often adaptation even dangerous Goalscorers out at least the first season. But there is also the psychological factor: its one the players know, and are trying to justify your investment.

One simple example for such a striker like Higuain. A proven scorer, he’s always that after the transition from “river plate” in the “real” (here especially — at first, the average performance fell from 0.47 to 0.1 goal per match) that after moving to Naples, scoring in his debut seasons less than the previous. Now “Pipita” is also good, but on account of his 21 goals after 36 last season.

Bookmakers, in fact, not guilty — they follow the dynamics of the rates. The expectations of the fans inflate their quotes, hence there is often a bias in favor of “score more”. Accordingly, experienced players on the sports markets look to “score less”, especially when there are transfers a lot of noise and rookie raspiarili in the media. Experts acknowledge that such a strategy is simple and affordable. But, of course, is suitable only for patient, because for long-term rates, which will play only at the end of the season.


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