Tips for betting on UFC (ultimate fighting) online

Tips for betting on UFC (ultimate fighting) online

The most hard form of martial arts – UFC has the specifics for several reasons, but the main – the very essence of these competitions. English translated as the UFC championship on fights without rules, which means a minimum of restrictions during the match. To achieve the result used a huge amount of funds. The presence in the championship of immigrants from a variety of species also makes the fights especially intriguing. The level of predictability of this type is considerably inferior to the boks, too many things, including bad the shock equipment, may cause the completion of the bout.

UFC is full of surprises. The reason the minimum of rules, a high risk to be knocked out, especially at heavy weights, balanced system of selection of opponents, and numerous other factors. If in Boxing there are plenty of undefeated with big wins, the situation is different. That is why the odds to win above 3.5 to 4.0 in the UFC is a rarity. On the one hand, the lack of high ratios, on the other – good. This gives you the opportunity to earn good money even on victory notorious favorite.

In bets on any sport the main thing – personal knowledge and understanding of this species, its peculiarities, study of the history of performances of a particular athlete and to identify its strengths. If a fighter studies his opponent, then professional better should be good to learn both, then betting on the UFC transformed from a lottery activity. For betting on the UFC online is important to be able to quickly analyze the situation in the ring.

Rate fighter in the UFC

If we analyze the statistics of fights in the UFC, catches the eye total advantage wins in the supine position. This is pain, strangulation and other abuse of the rival in orchestra seats. The ratio between the number of early victories in the stalls and the traditional knockout victories obviously in favor of the first option, which means that a greater importance of wrestling skills in the championship. Therefore, making bets on the victory of the favorite, you must first consider how well he owns this part of the preparation. Even if the ground battle is complete, the wizard in this position can save more energy due to less energy of action, which will affect further developments. And without a partner will not do almost no one fight.

Exceptions can only be physically very strong and agile fighters of the UFC with high impact potential and excellent technique of Boxing. Such characters as Connor McGregor or Vitor Belfort. Clumsy, in the end, it will be quickly knocked down to the ring, where the force of his stroke he is unlikely to help, and a quirky drummer in many cases can be avoided if not conducting rival takedown (throw on the floor), then get out of this situation. As example is the sensational victory of the former boxer Holly Holm on the famous master pain techniques by rondarousey.

Bet on a good wrestler with heavy blow

Falling to the ground, the fighters of the UFC are trying to take a position on top to defeat the opponent with a series of strikes. It is logical to assume that with hard knockout blow, the fighter will have significantly more chances “to uzorochie” opponent. Of course, this rule works if a fighter feels good in the stalls.

Bet on universal soldier

Universals in the UFC, as a rule, win their less diverse rivals for a simple reason. Just they have a choice. Depending on the circumstances, such fighters are easier to find a way to win. Failed to knock, you can fight. A vivid example – Fedor Emelianenko originally released from combat Sambo. However, with him rarely dared to enter into exchange of blows.

Bet on more strong-willed fighter UFC

Cage fighting are very difficult mentally and physically for both parties. Under the action of fatigue or pain someone breaks down, do not stand up and stop the resistance, and someone loses the will to win. Very often it has turned the match around and decides the course of battle. This psychological point is very important in this sport, and not take it into account when betting on the UFC it would be fundamentally wrong. Even much more skilled and trained athletes lost to where, it would seem that their opponents have nothing to catch, and it’s over for them. Many such cases occur.

Again this begs an example from the field of women’s UFC, which is full of strong-willed victories because of women’s lack of sufficient striking power and physical strength to complete a quick fight – fight miesha Tate versus Holly Holm, where battered during the long battle known for its durability, Tate lost in the net, but even in a state of extreme fatigue, when many just wanted to quickly get away from the octagon, has found a way to hold a painful admission.

This does not mean that if a fighter sorvolou, we can safely make a bet on it. Rule works, when this diehard athlete has at least a couple of good tricks up its Arsenal, be it the ability to beat, or the ability to go on painful reception.

Where to bet on UFC online

UFC spectacular event, but the mass popularity can not say, so bets will only be accepted from firms that seek to offer everything to everyone, with free resources for setting the line in rare events. Recommended log in 1xbet – in their section “martial arts” will easily find all the upcoming fights.


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