Tips for betting on eSports

Tips for betting on eSports

Betting on eSports gain popularity not only among gamers, but among the bettors who are unfamiliar with this segment of entertainment. Like any kind of bets are the features and tell.

Betting on eSports: General points

Competitions in eSports categories and the attitude to them of the teams varies depending on the prize pool. Top teams laid out on the tournament with good prizes, and other show up to practice – experience in combat strategy, the kind of newcomers. It is necessary to keep in mind, betting on eSports – interested in the ins and outs of the games to evaluate the importance of the competition.

An important aspect in e-sports betting – it is easy to arrange rigged matches their dominance even in the event of high category beginning to worry the organizers. Loud disqualifications and court proceedings to restrain the ardor of fans of easy money, but still – in kibesillah easy to intentionally drain the fight so that no one undermine, and this is often used as whole teams and individual players.

The specified state of Affairs is inevitable, while the prize for tournaments in eSports will give the money earned at the bookmaker to the sink, without the risk of being caught.

Large sums of money affixed to cybermatch, arouse suspicion in the contractual nature of the game. The task of the organizers is to make the desire to “heat the penny” the players did not arise because of the size of the prize, and the opportunity to “hit the jackpot” was fraught with the risk of losing everything – a place in the team, money, and freedom.

Betting on eSports are addicted to hackers, influencing the outcome of matches. They make their bets and if the game is not acceptable to their scenario – fill up a computers cyberealm or game server (which is rarely) DDoS attacks. It leads to the cancellation of the fight and betting on it, ie in the worst case professional burglars remain at their money.

Analyze popular destinations bets on eSports separately.

Tips to betting on Counter Strike GO

Bets on cs go should adhere to the strategy is to put on the “slam dunks”, gradually increasing the Bank or look overvalued favorites and bet on their defeat.

In the first case, play the tournaments with decent prize money and the motivation of the favorites – then the risk of falling a drain is greatly reduced and rates bring a small but steady income.

Tournaments with minor prizes it is better to look for interesting odds on outsiders – they are motivated to prove himself at any level, playing a disciplined and responsible, increases their chances if the favourites playing the fool.

At the prestigious event due to their format is unimportant matches where the favourites can acting badly, experiment is the field of applying the strategy bets on the underdog.

To pre-match predictions about skepticism, and accuracy of the bookmakers ‘ odds. ESports – new for bookmakers betting direction and explore all of its pitfalls, they still do not have the time to enter in the staff of analysts specializing in kibesillah.

Tips for betting on DotA

DotA complex in the prediction game among the popular in eSports, and all the warnings about bidding on computer games here doubly relevant. Risk-free rates is not here, because it makes sense to play only at the betting strategy of the outsider – in this case, the game is worth the candle.

In DotA the outcome of the match depends on many factors – choice of characters, individual skill, decision-making, the level of team play. In six years of competition in DotA is not a stable team, unlike tournaments, csgo, where now there is a group of top teams, losing only on major holidays.

It is important and the amount of playing cards – matches on one card is difficult to name objective measure of the strength of rival teams, in this case at least 50% of success is luck.

Tips for betting on StarCraft 2

In the popular game Starcraft 2 characters – Protoss, Terran, and Zerg playable race. Betting need to understand the differences and evaluate the teams on the basis of the selected race.

StarCraft pay attention to the format of tournaments – the number of meetings in the framework of the match varies from one to seven and, the more games in the match, the less the random factor. There are cards suited to a particular teams and races and this knowledge significantly increases the chances to correctly predict the outcome of the match.

Conclusion for bets on eSports

Put large amounts of money on cyber – risk, as there are many pitfalls, unstable teams, and experiments not amenable to prediction factors. Knowledge in the field of eSports and constant monitoring of the tournaments and ciberer do not give grounds for confidence in the forecast because of nepredskazuemost computer games.

Beginners to bet on eSports fits perfectly – the unpredictability will serve as a positive quality. You can win a bet with decent odds if you find a match with an overrated favorite. Such fights in the line offices appear often, as the betting analysts are not able to anticipate the above factors that affect the motivation of teams and players can catch them with this. Comparing their knowledge in the world ciberer with odds of bookmakers really need to catch delicious fish while in the quiet (by football standards) ones.


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