The Pros and cons of Danish betting system

The pros and cons of the Danish system rates

Плюсы и минусы датской системы ставокFor many people, there is one iron rule: not to complicate! In principle, it is good (for these individuals) and rates. Not so few gamblers trying to stick with the competition offices of some strategy, but it’s pretty simple. Interestingly, not even all the people are being systematically betting, know that they are quite a popular method of betting. It is called the Danish system.

Strategies there is a lot more known often not even their authors after whom, now or later, it was called. In this case, there is nothing like it. We know one thing: when it was used for the first time. Well, more precisely, where for the first time clearly demonstrated its use. In the subsequent Danish system because of maximum simplicity and relative effectiveness has been actively used by players, especially not too sophisticated.

Fundamentals of strategy “Danish” bets is very simple. In fact, very much in the sequence of actions reminiscent of those steps that are produced according to the martingale system, providing for an increase after the next win, every time the bet amount in the “unit”. But there is still one quite noticeable difference. According to the “Danish system” should not be limited to a simple increase in the amount bet — you also need to consider the ratio, which is made under these rates. It is quite expensive, so it is logical that the loop immediately ends as soon as one of the bets will be winning.

Usually this strategy take a modest bet for a start, the same one hundred roubles, the conventional “unit”, which is placed under a small coefficient to make it easier to give an example, it will be, for example, 1.5. If these hundred rubles raised by 1.5, will bring win — by the rules of the strategy starts a new cycle. But if you lose you need to increase your bet by 1 “unit” (in our case 100), and place it under the 2.0. In the event of a misfire, already put 400 rubles under a 2.5. And so we need to continue the cycle literally to the bitter end. It closes only when the rate of the desired size at the desired ratio will not play.

The shortcomings of the system are obvious. 4 and subsequent stages, where the rate will rise to 3.5-4, winning becomes more difficult, and at times. Bookmakers almost never wrong, and so simply will not give a chance to easily multiply the rate significantly. Nevertheless, earlier to 3 stage inclusive, it is effective and simple. And so long ago appeared, the Danish system is not only history but also modernity of the gambling world.


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