The Most innovative football betting

The most innovative football betting

Самые инновационные футбольные ставкиWith the growth of the total number of football betting in recent years, many bookmakers are now developing new coupons to attract potential customers. Although bets on who will score the first goal, and long lists of who can score in principle, the match was among the traditional coupons almost always, the competition in an ever-expanding betting business; encouraging the search for new ways of betting on football. It also became evident that European matches feature more prominently on television screens around the world, allowing some companies to introduce special coupons for Europe.

In this part of the players finds it hard to understand some of the new items, but there are a few brilliant ideas that can be lucrative and can create different levels of interest in the match. Basically, these coupons are offered as shares, and imply a set of options of the future developments not only on a specific game, but part of the tournament or series of matches of one particular team.

“Saturday Yes/No”. Players are given the chance 33 to 1 for the correct answer to six questions about specific games in the Premier League. Example: CRC scored his last free kick? “The outsider”, where the bonuses are available when you select the matches on the side of the outsiders and accumulate. Bonuses available on these coupons allow an increase in the Bank up to 100% bonus of up to 8 selections correct.

Rare betting offers and Ladbrokes, BK. “Safety net” is one of the most common custom bets, which allow you to make a mistake in one of the five and eight rebounds, while payment is guaranteed even with a single wrong result. Quite often in a long list of bets one wrong result spoils the whole coupon. “Millionaire” – guarantees for 10 bonus points, the increase rate if the first 5 bets was correct, 1000 for 5, 10 15 000 and 1 000 000 for all 20. It is obvious that 20 correct in a row results very difficult to achieve, but at least have the opportunity to become a millionaire.

William Hill also made two coupons, which offer an alternative to more traditional rates. “Double chance” which provides a list of games with the following items: “P1 or draw” and “P1 and P2” or the same, and “L2 and draw” available for selection. A number of games with such rates are available in the British Isles and Europe. “Hotshots”, where it is proposed to choose the best scorers in the Premier League, championship and Scottish League to the big list, which for batteries is a mixture of goals at the start of the match, at any time of the match, a brace or a hat-trick to choose from.

One more innovation coupons are called “bundles”. For example, Celtic beat the Rangers, “Chelsea” beat “CRC”, “man city” beat “Manchester United” and “Tottenham” beat “Blackburn” General factor of 6 to 1. Sometimes bookmakers offer their “money” on selected matches. For example, the final score in the Derby, “Manchester”, if Wayne Rooney scores at any time, all losses related to the first goal, last goal, correct score and bets on exactly who will score will be returned.

Bet-at-Home has introduced a variation to predict the number of goals in each half. The coupon is “double chance” from William hill also available to bet on which odds are offered on who will score the first half. The more football matches around the world are broadcast on television, the wider range of betting options for betting companies. As a result, the bookmakers introduce more original and attractive ways of betting in the hope of expanding the number of players, than sure you should use people who are well-versed in the peculiarities of bets in bookmakers.


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