The Insurance rates, what is it for

Insurance rates, why it is needed

Страховка на ставки, для чего она нужнаSometimes betting on sports, players can’t be sure of the patency of a specific outcome and they need to feel safe, to somehow soften the fall if a wrong choice.

The most popular bet with this type is the double chance. Most players use 1X or x2, but experts still recommend to use separate bet for each outcome.

For example, you can take the match “BSC young boys Bern, CSKA” quotes 1 – 2.76 X– 3,29 2 – 2,47 1X – x2 of 1.52 – 1,43, which clearly indicates the profitability of the individual bets to win or draw than on a selection double chance.

Sometimes quotes are not as high, but then comes the bet amount. Still, there are matches where the offer for the double chance has a coefficient of 1.15, which is clearly considered to be a poor offer if the player is going to risk a sum of 10 Euro, but if we are talking about 1000 Euro then the amount of the possible winning increases significantly.

Of course, even being fully confident in the victory of a chosen team, but seeing a pretty high rate, players are also worth thinking about the insurance, which can sometimes have a crucial role, since even large amounts must be insured against loss.

A bet “handicap 0” can also be called a kind of salvation from the risk, although if the teams draw, the player receives only a return, but with the victory of the chosen team or player you can get a very acceptable ratio, and accordingly the prize.

The sweepstakes any combination will not be considered as use of unfair game, but you should consider that the use of the betting event bookmakers may sometimes be calculated coefficient of 1.00 despite the fact that the choice of bets had very different ratios.

Of course, not all members of a tote appearance accept arbitration situations in sports as an important need, however, some participants betting process still apply need for the emergence of forks.

The experts consider very important for players in search of insurance betting, because even the leaders can’t guarantee victory in every match, especially before important games, most often occurring at the end of the season, but at the start in some cases, they may appear.

In General, to achieve the result insurance is very important, and sometimes life-saving, but if the players are confident in their choice, then you can bet on the straight win, the more sometimes a draw is not the outcome, which can solve everything and bring players of rival teams the joy of points.


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