The Game of catching in the playoffs NBA

The game is catching up to the play-off NBA

Игра догоном в плей-офф НБАIf you are an active fan of the NBA, you probably noticed that the contestants rarely win in a playoff series 4-0. Such a simple trend to give the ability to win games in the playoffs, but it is necessary to consider several important conditions to bet on.

For example, last playoffs NBA result in a series 4-0 was recorded only three times. In one series of a future champion “Cleveland” easily dealt with “Detroit” on which to away games ratio reached 8.00. Even more I was paired with, “San Antonio” — “Memphis”. For the latest in road games odds to win exceed 20.00. Of course, should not be playing catching up in these games.

The rules for the game catching up in the playoffs NBA

1. To bet need only starting from the second match of the series. For example, if in the first game, “Cleveland” beat “Chicago”, then in the next match you need to bet against the Cavaliers. At the same time, must be put to the until Cleveland won’t lose. It is important that the amount of the bet each time should increase, because the costs for the previous non-winning bets must be covered. The size of the bet will influence the coefficients on rivals.

2. If the coefficient on team-underdog exceeds 5.00, then the game better not to join. Of course, the sensation to happen, the chances to win are low.

3. If the favorite won the series 4-0, then in the next round against this team need to continue to put. This round of the playoffs should be skipped only in case, if the favorite is obvious, as an outsider, even weaker than the previous team.

4. If in the first match of the series was produced away win, then the game should not enter. Most likely, the guest team has studied the opponent so it can win the second match. Between matches a little break in the playoffs, so the losing team may not be able to rebuild and lose the series in the dry.

5. Bet on small amounts and gradually increase them, if this strategy suits you. You need to plan rates in advance, at least 6-8 steps, because sooner or later, you can not avoid a series of losing bets.

6. The victory of the underdog in the first game – a great option for betting on this strategy. Without waiting for the second game of the series, to put at first only for the outsider, because the favorite has to be the underestimation.


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