The Bet against public opinion

Betting against public opinion

Ставки против общественного мненияProfessional battery know that the first rule to success is the refusal rates on the most popular markets. You will not get the expected income if you constantly make predictions on the victory of “Barcelona”. Yes, the first team will win, earning you a small income, nevertheless, one or two failures do not just “eat” your profits, but also part of your Bank.

Public opinion significantly affects the odds. In drawing the lines the bookies take into account not only the chances but also on the volume of bets of their clients. In this regard, in line arise walulya factors, but finding them is not easy. Even if a specific market ratios slipped, the reason for this, you don’t always know. The price movements can affect large wagers from professional players, large amounts of bets on one outcome and objective factors (weather, motivation, injury). Some bookmakers show in the event the percentage of the volume of bets, but this is unlikely to give an advantage.

How to understand where to put the usual players

1. Discussion on sports forums. Never professional players do not visit forums, so almost all of their users only on the elementary level understand the sport. As a rule, 99% of these players after a few tens or hundreds of bets put themselves in a minus, and tied with interest rates. If you find out public opinion, we can say exactly what results you expect ordinary supporters. Such markets will have low odds, so in some cases, the opposite outcome will contain Malwiny ratio.

2. The polls and vote. The percentage of players who are willing to bet on a particular outcome, also plays a big role. You need to figure out how a solution was formed of the quotes, if they were based only on public opinion. For example, for the victory of the hosts voted 75% of the players for a draw is 15% and for away win – 10%. To determine the magnitude of the coefficients, we need 100% divided by the probability of each of the three outcomes: (100/75=1.33) – P1, (100/15=6.66) — X (100/10=10.00) – P2.

3. This is followed by the data results to compare with actual odds from bookmakers. This will make it clear whether affected players to change quotes. Keep in mind that it is not necessary to find out the opinions of players regarding global sporting events. It is not difficult to understand who would be the favourite of the football match between Germany and Japan, but you do not know, as an avid Japanese fans bet on the winning home team. For example, citizens of Russia it is possible to analyze to take some matches from lower divisions.


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