The Best Win-Win strategy for sports betting: football, tennis, hockey

The best win-win strategy betting -betting fork

For anybody not a secret that some fans of football and sport in General, sometimes prefer to bet. Each player always wanted to know if there was a sure way to permanently beat the bookmaker, and to earn a living from home, placing bets via the Internet, than fully covered, the best bookmaker in the world to become involved in an online network. And the present method has been found in research he acquired the name of the ARB, among gamblers, the betting strategy is called the fork.


How much can you earn rolling fork doing arbitrage betting?

This strategy allows you to consistently earn at any of the sports, only one minus of this method, profit is smooth 3-5% of the invested capital per day. With the amount 1000$ walochnik earn 30-50$ per day, per month is 900-1500$, as in your opinion sheepskin worth the candle? It seems to be very not even bad earnings covering an hour or two a day.


How the method works – description, formula, solution

ARB bookmakers is a point when the different firms, the coefficients on the victory of the players (tennis, Billiards etc) or teams (football, hockey, basketball), differ in such a way that when you made the bet in the bookmaker No. 1 to win 1 the sum of (n1 – which is calculated by a special formula) and made a bet at the bookmaker №2 sum(n2), the player need not fear about the outcome of the game, in any case, if it’s first team win in the first BK, Tolley is the victory of the second team in the second BC, it remains their money, plus 3-5% of the amount.

The formula for calculating the amount of the bet as follows:

V=1-1/k1+1/k2 where k1 and k2 – coefficients for rates, BK1 and BK2

V – plug, if this value is less than 1 fork above zero, and makes a profit, if V>1 the plug is negative, while the profit will be.

For example, you found the coefficients for the match at the Bookmaker №1 k1=1,5 (win 1 player) at the bookmaker №2 (win 2nd player) k2= 3,5

Get V=1 – 1/1.5+1/3,5=0.66+0,28=1-0,95=0.5 – this means that the plug is positive and will bring 5% of the profits.

Next, you need to calculate how much to put on one and on the second match, for it is used the formula:

Towards 1000$ profit so the forks will be 50$, you need both figures add up, you get the result which you are going to go 1050$, then to make a division 1050$/3.5=300$ – the resulting amount is by a factor of 3.5, then 1050$/1.5=700$ – this amount is by a factor of 1.5

In the end, whichever of the three teams do not win you get the total of 1050$, and it’s more than 50$ than 1000$ invested.

Here’s an interesting win-win way of earning was invented by players of Internet betting.

And by the way already so full arbitration calculators, which simplifies the calculation, you will find them on request on the Internet.


P/S … Programmers have created the program “robot” for win-win sports betting

They say that good programmers have long since created a program that automatically does everything itself. Master program only just is required to replenish the balance of your account from which the robot will automatically make the appropriate arbitrage, for a given algorithm calculation of forks, pre-registered bookmakers.



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