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Every successful player earns on betting, knows that information is the key to victory. To know all information about their favorite team, League or individual about any kind of sports in General – is to be better than the bookmaker, and sometimes better than him! No wonder the experienced players are saying: “to win at the bookmaker only after beating him in the information war”. The question of where to obtain all the necessary data, today, has one answer: of course, this is the Internet! Nowadays there are a lot of sites with different statistics, news from the mill teams, forums and blogs with comments, resources forecasts. So, in this review – only the best links to web resources that will be useful to any player at the bookmaker.

Football | Hockey | Basketball | Tennis | American football | Baseball | Formula 1

Text and video broadcasting

Major sports sites:

Be aware of all the latest sporting events – a necessary condition for successful betting! On big sports resources you can learn a lot of useful information about the current form of the teams, about the motivation for the next game, learn about injuries, rumors, signings. If you bet on any particular team, then it is best to visit her official website. You can always find all the latest news from the club.

  • — the Name obliges us to be one of the best resources.

  • a Great source of information about various sporting events. There are all types of sports, the latest news, analysis, blogs of famous personalities, there are sections with photos and video materials.

  • Website of the popular Russian newspaper “Sport-Express”. Daily updates all the latest news, both Russian and foreign sport.

  • – Known sports newspaper “Soviet sport”. On the website you can always find the latest news, original articles, expert opinions on all sports.

  • Portal, which regularly monitors all the news of such sports as football, hockey, tennis, basketball and others. There are articles, analysis and blogs of famous athletes.

  • News section of the site known Corporation dedicated to the sport. Here you can find news for any sport, there is a huge section about football.


  • — the Official site of UEFA. All the latest news and events of European football. Related UEFA Champions League, UEFA Cup, there is a broadcast of some matches.

  • — the Official website of FIFA. The best source of information about world football and national teams. There is a section for statistics and detailed information about each national team.

  • the Large portal about football has all the latest news, a huge selection of articles, reviews of upcoming matches and analysis has already played meetings.

  • — football news of Russia and Europe.


Dry figures of statistics can say a lot. Standings, number of goals scored per game, points scored, a series of specific outcomes – all this is valuable data for analysis of their rates. Portals with sports statistics a great many. Let us consider only the best representatives of such websites.

  • – All figures on the football on one site! A simple interface in Russian and a boundless ocean of data: tables of all leagues, series, goals, totals, and more.

  • – Checkerboard, tables, statistics.

  • — the Largest portal of football statistics. Presents data not only for each championship, but also for individual teams. It is also interesting section, where you can see the current form of the teams.

The Championship Of Russia:

  • – the Russian football Union.

  • – Russian football Premier League.

  • – Professional football League.

English Premier League:

  • — the Official website of the Premier League, you can see the earliest compositions.

  • the Large portal, which covers all events in English football. Details about football life of England, from Premier League to lower divisions.

The Italian Championship:

  • – Main sports newspaper of Italy. News, reviews and interviews on all sports. Focus on football, here you can find the recaps for all the matches of Serie A.

  • — livescores

Spanish Primera Division:

  • Central sports newspaper of Spain. All about the Spanish football Example, including analytic materials.


German Bundesliga:

  • Bundesliga official website.

  • – Leading German magazine about sports. Constantly updated news, topics, articles and related sporting events, and more.

World Cup:


  • — online version of the most authoritative sports newspaper of France. The abundance of all kinds of information, video, interviews with players and coaches.

The Portuguese League:


The Belgian Championship:


The Brazilian Championship:



The Argentinean Championship:





  • Site about hockey, contains a lot of interesting stuff: the latest developments in the KHL and NHL, reviews of matches, stats

  • – All about hockey. There are all the standings of the Championships, statistics, teams. You can compare the two and see who looks better at the moment.



  • on CNN




  • — the Federation of hockey of Russia

Swedish Championships:


Czech Championship:








Euroleague ULEB:


The ULEB Cup:


Euroleague FIBA:




Adriatic League:


Baltic League:


The Austrian League:


German Bundesliga:


The Israeli League:


The Championship Of Russia:


Championship Finladia:

  • looking for …


  • — official site of the ATP, the basic stats, news

  • — the official website of the WTA, basic stats, news

  • — tennis news, player interviews

  • — Russian site with pagemove live

American football:

  • — the national football League. Official website

  • Official site of the Super Bowl

  • — Online database of all games and players


  • — Major League baseball

Formula 1:

  • — the Official website.

  • — Probably the best site in Russian. Sometimes, news, appear before the official.

  • — news of Formula 1. All information about the last Grand Prix. Statistics each pilot, taking into account the number of Grand Prix, a number of podiums, victories, points, etc.

Text and video broadcast:

The Internet provides ample opportunities to view the matches live. In addition, you can always follow the progress of matches for the text broadcasts or on websites from the “livescore”. If you make bets during the match, the following sites just to get the room to your “favorites”.

First listed sites, text streams, because not everyone has satellite television, or broadband Internet access, and the results and changes as the game progresses you need to know:

  • Russian — speaking live

  • the Large portal leading scores in real time. The website follows the events in all possible leagues and Championships of sports presents football, hockey, tennis, basketball and cricket.

  • resource tracking the results of a huge number of matches and displays this information online. Also available in Russian.



  • Portal with ample opportunities for viewing of matches of different Championships in all sports. Being both text and video broadcasting, a large selection of events, there are video files.

  • — text translation, there are videos of Russian football with a payment of 200-300 rubles/month for good quality.

  • Website broadcaster, which often seem great matches. In the section “Sport” is broadcast all the major matches. In addition, often you can watch a meeting “unpopular” teams or tournaments.

  • — an Excellent resource that shows football matches involving English teams live.

  • — One of the best sites for watching the matches live! Here you can find a game leading football Championships, live NHL, NBA and tennis matches.

  • – Spanish Internet television. Very large selection of video broadcasts, show almost all sports.

  • — view channels bookmakers

  • — lots of sports channels


On the question view live broadcasts via the Internet there is still a separate article.

Using all provided services, here you will be able to make better decisions when betting on sporting events and get more profit.

I would be grateful if you help complete this collection. Good luck!

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