The Basics of signing up and you bet

The basics of signing up and playing the sweepstakes

Основы регистрации и игры на тотализатореIn the world of betting there are many subtleties that can not only please its game, but it is possible to spoil, but just in case if the player will not adhere to the basic rules which are so necessary upon registration.

The most important and basic is to register real data, of course sometimes minors trying to circumvent the rules of the bookmakers and start to register under the names of parents or older brothers and sisters, and they may already have an account, after attempts to re-register, they can be blocked and will be surprised, but most often to regain his good name will not happen. It is also worth remembering that grammatical errors and typos simply can also be seen as the introduction of knowingly false data and further verification can deprive a player account at the bookmaker, but also bring cash which will be simply impossible.

The choice of currency is also considered an important sign of confidence, but here the greatest loss will be charged for conversion if we are talking about a Bank transfer. That is why you need to choose exclusively a foreign currency account, as all betting companies keep their money in currency (dollar or Euro). The best and probably the most popular means of translation are considered an electronic payment system that allow the player to rely on instant Deposit and instant withdrawal, at least by the time he’s the best, although the wait can last up to a day.

Other information that should be provided at check in is also very important, at least it is not necessary to specify an incorrect or false, even if it’s about registration, because many members of the betting may request a receipt for payment of utility bills, as proof of the authenticity of written addresses.

In General, players should be careful as to correct the entered information will be virtually impossible, as would be impossible to re-register.


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