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Tennis betting

Tennis betting — sports # 2 bookmakers (after football). This is not surprising: the tennis — breathtaking, spectacular, and aristocratic at the same time, forcing fans to be on their toes during the entire match. Let’s see why this sport for betting which has pros and cons.

Main types of bets in tennis

  • Win one of Tankistov is the most popular choice, which is understandable: this rate is the most easy to understand, contains only a view on the relative strength of opponents, without abstraktnosti existing in the betting on handicap and total goals.
  • Win with handicap. In tennis, more than other sports, one rival significantly superior to another in the class. This is especially the case in the early stages of major tournaments. In such cases, the virtual alignment of one of the tennis players are given a number of handicap (in sets or games), which will be added or subtracted from the final result.
  • Totals for the amount of games or sets played in the match. For example, a tennis bet “over games” men implies 4-5 sets in tournaments of “Grand slam” and three sets in the other, or the presence of tie-breaks in the match.
  • Bet on exact score: the sets of the match or the games in the party. Players often select 2-0 (usually the first written favourite), when one of Tankistov clearly higher class. 0-2 reverse is much rarer, and the other to predict even more difficult.

Pros and cons on betting on tennis

The main feature that distinguishes tennis from most of the sports on which bets are made, is the personality. There are also negative aspects, however, are positive aspects undoubtedly higher.

When analyzing football, basketball and other matches, the majority of people the team is perceived as a whole, however, we should not forget that it is a complex movement consisting of people, each with its own mood, health and behavior during the match. In tennis (except for the doubles matches), to take into account this is not necessary.

Looking at the names of the players, we can determine the opponents of the match, while, for example, in football, the appearance of the second part or the exit of key players because of an injury or a complicated calendar.

The influence of the coach in this sport is minimal, because during a fight a player can only exchange glances and a few words with your mentor.

One of the important factors in choosing tennis as the main object of betting, is the regularity of matches. Eleven months of the year, week after week is a lot of tennis tournaments, so almost every day in the line, you can find tens of events. With this amount of results, easily follow the form of the athletes and their statistics.

In tennis betting reduces the role of chance. Unlike sports with a fixed time, where one of the teams, taking advantage of multiple mistakes in the future can play in the score, in tennis, to win you must do better opponent throughout the match.

From the negative aspects to betting on tennis, you can highlight the personality, because the injury of the player, the difference of his mood will affect the game directly. It should be noted that the margin of bookmakers on tennis matches is quite big compared to other sports, due to its popularity and regularity of matches.

The analysis of matches for tennis betting

It is known two basic approaches to the analysis of tennis matches, statistics and individual. Statistical analysis assumes full collection of information about the participants. The emphasis is on them shown in several previous matches numeric statistic: the percentage of first serves, number of aces, the number of active points won, average feed rate, the number of double faults. This type of analysis is rather complicated, as it involves time-consuming to collect information. In addition, even the available information, often not easy to draw any conclusions.

Individual analysis of the most popular among the bettors. In this case there is a more General look at rivals on the basis of own observations and a minimum of references to statistics. With this approach, you should pay attention to the following parameters:

1. The official rating. If one of the opponents is higher in the ranking, not necessarily that he will win the match. This is especially true of men’s tennis, where in addition to several leaders, there are two or three dozen athletes of very high level who are able to impose the struggle of notebook favorites. In women stands out clearly top ten, beyond which the difference in the rating of some positions, often involves a fairly noticeable difference in the classroom.

2. Form athlete. Enough to see the results of the matches of tennis player, to determine his physical condition: the majority of athletes, there is seriation results – streaks interspersed with a series of victories. The best way that you can use when at the end of the season, tired Favorit can be found with a less good team, but are in good shape. The drafters of the line, as a rule, are oriented to the names of the athletes, and the value of the positive handicap can be unreasonably high.

3. Motivation. During the year, the players spend a lot of tournaments, and not every of them play a hundred percent of their capabilities. Four tournaments of the Grand Slam are the main goal of every tennis player. Huge prize money and kudos to make favorites to play at full strength, so they are quite a few sensational victories. Competitions of series masters also gather all the leading athletes. In other smaller tournaments the goal of the players may be different: to prepare for more challenging matches or to test his form after injury.

4. Coverage. It is important that the surface on which the matches of the tournament. The fastest courts are herbal: rebound is very strong, accordingly, the advantage is given to the players playing in a forceful manner – utilizing a powerful serve and strong hits to the back of the line. However, in women’s tennis, the flow effect is not as significant as in the male. The ground is the opposite of the grass. Such coatings have the advantage of Argentine and Spanish athletes who are not strength and speed, more AC tion on the court. If the tournament takes place on the ground in hot weather, it becomes more dense, and therefore faster. Courts of hard, do not give advantage to any of the styles of tennis and demand from athletes skill in all game components.

5. Personal meetings. Of course, each of the players there are awkward opponents, with whom he play’s the hardest thing, however, we should not overestimate the influence of the previous matches in the alignment of forces in forthcoming. Because of the above factors on the matches could be completely different.

In conclusion, it is worth mentioning that a rather important factors of success in betting is your intuition. In tennis betting, where you can make the dozens bet in the day, there are the greatest opportunities for its manifestation.

Where to bet on tennis

Tennis is on advanced roles in the world of sports. With the exception of winter break, something always goes, but unlike football is mediocre companies don’t always pay tennis rates, due attention. We recommend you to select leaders such as Leonbets or 1xbet which lines a large selection of events and murals. Rate their tennis right now and good luck with the bidding!

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