Tennis betting – strategies, how and where to do tennis bets

Many players have repeatedly turned their attention to tennis, while some of them moved away from bets on football, volleyball, basketball, etc. sports and switched to tennis. This is explained by many factors:
– starting from the absence of such an outcome as a draw;
– all-the-year-round season, because except for 4 major tournaments, first-tier tennis players also take part in various Masters tournaments;
– presence of a position in the world rating;
– and ending with the minimization of elements of randomness, such as a goal at the end of the match, judging errors and other.
What should I know to bet on tennis matches?

How to put on the tennis

Coating factor and seasonality
We reject various myths and immediately move on to the moments that in future will be the key factors for the successful outcome of the forecast for tennis. As you know, the tennis season starts in January on the green continent. Many leading tennis players are slowly swinging and getting into shape, and do not always play in full force during this period.

A huge role for many tennis players is played by the court itself. Some athletes feel confident on the ground, while others prefer hard. Proceeding from this, and the transition from one coverage to another, all tennis players take place in different ways. This is understandable, because rebuilt with Rolland Garros, for example, on the grass of Wimbledon is not easy and given two weeks for adaptation, many athletes are not enough. This is one of the reasons that there are so many sensations on Wimbledon. And with such short transitions from one coverage to another, athletes have to face very often.

Most of the type of coverage affects the players closer to the end of the season when physical fatigue appears, they can also remind themselves of trauma. Another important factor here will be the overall physical form of the player, how much he is enduring, how far he has put himself and in what form he approached the end of the season. But it’s easy to define it with difficulty, it’s important to keep track of all the latest bouts and fix the intermediate results. Thus, it should be understood that the season passes uneven parts: in some matches, opponents can show high activity, and in some cases, they play half-heartedly. Accordingly, in any period there may be a decline in the game.

In such cases, bookmakers adjust their line, or rather coefficients, but the corrections are not so great that watching the movement of quotations determine all the trends. Thus, inflated quotes to win an obvious favorite in the dead season do not mean a high probability of losing it but are a signal to search for the maximum information on the upcoming match with its further analysis. This should be taken into account in your forecast for tennis.

In tennis betting there is an unspoken rule: it is customary to bet on big tennis tournaments for top tennis players, unlike commercial tournaments held on the eve of or just after the Grand Slam tournaments, where experienced betters try not to bet on obvious favorites and send their predictions and tennis betting on “dark horses”.

Features coverage and weather conditions.
Bidding on tennis, do not underestimate the factor of covering the courts themselves, there are a number of nuances that can not be ignored.
Many have already read and know about three types of court coverage and the fact that some tennis players like, for example, hard, and other grass, and therefore may not show particularly good results on the “unloved” coverage. But, there are other features directly related to the rates for tennis, which you can find out only if you approach this issue professionally.

Famous for many hardcourts in Dubai is one of the fastest courts, the borders of the grassy court in Stuttgart have a metal band when hit in which the ball changes the flight path. Courts on the US Open in rainy weather become much slower than on a clear sunny day. As a rule, strong winds blow in Indian Wells, and hard in Atlanta, on the contrary, is characterized by very slow winds. Prestigious tournament Rolland Garros also has a characteristic feature: with the increased wind, there is a change in finely dispersed soil, which can lead to a dramatic change in the figure of the game.

When preparing for the forecast and the bet on tennis, it is necessary to understand that the weather makes adjustments also in the mood of the tennis players themselves, because of the bad weather the matches can be postponed and the player will have to wait for his exit indefinitely. As for the cover, then when the heat is better, tennis players who play on the hard feel themselves, but in cold weather, good results are shown by the “primer”. On ground tournaments Rolland Garros the situation cardinally changes: the excellent game in crude weather is shown by power sportsmen, it for them is considered not usual, as their “hobby” – hard. Therefore, to predict and predict in advance the game of a tennis player without taking into account the weather conditions will be quite problematic.

The motivation of the tennis player.
Another aspect that underestimates many betters is the athlete’s motivation. Before the bet on a tennis match, you need to work very hard here, because information about tennis players’ fees for a particular duel or tournament is not published on all posters and simple websites about tennis.

It should not be attributed to the motivation of only the financial side. Tennis players, like all people, have their strengths and weaknesses, here are favorite and unloved coverages, tournaments, weather conditions. For example, the well-known many Khantukova (tennis player from Slovakia) loves the tournament in Monte Carlo, and it’s not surprising, because the athlete lives in the area, which means she does not need to undergo adaptation, advance to the tournament and stay at the hotel. There are a lot of such examples, but we should not forget about the private life of an individual athlete.

Do not forget about the tournament category “Masters”, because often tennis players are not laid out completely simultaneously at two tournaments, and determine for themselves the most priority.

It should be understood that the speakers of tennis players and tennis players total more than 500 people, and it is understandable that even the minimum amount of information about each athlete cannot be kept in mind. Therefore, all statistics, analytics and every bet on tennis must be recorded. To do this, you can independently develop your own form, where this information will be recorded, for example, in the same Excel or use already prepared special programs that you can easily find on the Internet. Such programs do not guarantee winnings, but they increase the chances and simplify the pre-match analysis, in addition, they can be upgraded and modified for themselves. Start with a simple excel file and over time it will become an indispensable tool in preparing a tennis forecast, besides, it will ultimately save a lot of time.

There are also situations when athletes come to the tournament to simply “serve a number” and avoid penalty points. But even such situations with time and with experience can be foreseen. Changing moods, injuries and the same weather that can change during the game – all these factors can also affect the character of the game athlete.

The form and rating of the athlete. 
Many players at the rates overestimate the world ranking in big tennis. In fact, the position of the tennis player in the world ranking does not give an unambiguous and convincing information. Despite this, the Rating allows you to determine whether one or another tennis player is playing against or against whom. It is understandable that a representative of the TOP-100 is less likely to beat a tennis player from the TOP-10, but underestimate the outsider in this case, based on his rating in a hundred, it’s not worth it. We should take into account all the factors described by us, and the physical readiness and the mood of the tennis player with whom he approaches the tournament.

In this, tennis bets are significantly different from football bets and there are lots of examples of micro-sensations here. Recall only the last most memorable matches of Wimbledon in 2014: Russian tennis player Andrei Kuznetsov, who occupies the 118th in the rating, defeated the Spaniard David Ferrer, who is located on the 7th line of the rating, and the Ukrainian Sergei Stakhovsky (90th in the rating) sent home, sensational at the Roland Garros tournament in 2014 by Ernest Gulbis. At the same Open Tennis Championship in France in 2014 Stan Varvinka, part of the Top-3, sensationally dropped out of the tournament in the first round, losing the starting match to the Spaniard Guillermo Garcia-Lopez (№41). And there are a lot of such examples, so the orientation of tennis rates only on the tennis player’s rating will inevitably lead to the collapse.

Personal meetings.
Tennis is just the kind of sport where the history of confrontations works as efficiently as possible. Proceeding from confrontations, tennis can be very likely to draw conclusions about the principle of the duel and the dynamics of its development. When preparing for a tennis bet, you should pay maximum attention to matches with tennis players of approximately one level. It is for such fights that the bookmakers place high odds, so the bet on winning here will bring a very good income. In such matches, in parallel, you need to collect and analyze also additional information, such as the cover on which the matches were played, the time of the last bouts, and who of the players improved/worsened their performance since the last face-to-face meeting.

You should not reject this factor, even if according to statistical data, these tennis players have not previously met. In this case, it is necessary to more in-depth and carefully analyze their last and upcoming match, on which the bet will be made.

ATP and WTA. 
The number of fans of bets on women’s and men’s tennis is about the same, some are sure that women’s betting is more predictable, others see such men’s.

Immediately dispel this myth! In its predictability, it is impossible to single out this or that league, and this is not the question, it all depends on the possession of each particular handicapper the volume of the necessary information and the ability to analyze it and interpret it in a bet.

The difference in these leagues for live betting is indeed present and fundamental, in contrast to pre-match rates on ATP and WTA, where approaches and methods are not very different, but still there. ATP and WTA are two different systems, and if women compete in a three-set system, then men are in a five-set system, so this factor must be taken into account when betting on tennis, such as a handicap or total.

As for the rates for men’s tennis, in general, betters choose fights with good odds on the favorite here, or they bet on equivalent tennis players (approximately one level) with the proposed odds above 2.0. Such strategies are typical for men’s tennis.

For betting on women’s tennis, the main factor is the tennis player’s class and not the current form in which she is. The moral and volitional characteristics of the athlete should also be included in the class. You can often see how a good tennis player shows weak results in the tournament because of emotional factors, but the next tournament can play as before, forgetting about the band of failures, and show the game in its usual class. Therefore, female betting fans often make rates with a coefficient of 3.0-6.0 in those cases when the tennis player showed weak results in the last tournament, but in the last months, she was generally very worthy.

Single and doubles competitions. 
Fans and novice tennis players should not forget about the paired competitions held. It is necessary to clarify this point at the beginning of its analysis and preparation for the rate. The fact is that many athletes in addition to single tournaments can participate in parallel in paired competitions. And here you should already include and involve additional information: you need to collect information about the latest matches and track how and how much the tennis player is laid out in this or that confrontation. And only after that, analyze and decide on the rate.

Those who plan to bet on paired tennis, you should know that this type of tennis betting is one of the most risks. Some experts argue that such betting is extremely unpredictable and knowingly losing. But we do not think so, the difficulties really exist and the main one is a banal shortage and a complicated search for the necessary information on couples. But, despite this, there are certain basic criteria, analyzing which you can make a high-precision forecast and assess the chances of a particular pair to win. Here it is necessary to carry:
– teamwork of pair
– rating of pair

The teamwork of the pair is the most important criterion of the analysis in the rates for doubles tennis. A high level of teamwork compensates for all the weaknesses of tennis players. The pair’s rating, as a rule, does not say anything here, as there are not many established pairs in tennis, while there is a high level of rotation of tennis players from tournament to tournament. Given these factors, we recommend that you bet on paired tennis without rating. The percentage obtained as a result of the ratio of wins to the total number of games for each pair will be the most effective indicator for deciding whether to bet on a particular pair.

Tie-bets also play a significant role in betting on doubles tennis. Many fights end in a tiebreak, where the price of mistakes increases severalfold and the individual qualities of tennis players come out first: experience, endurance and concentration. Therefore, here you should analyze not only the statistics of the game of tennis players on tiebreaks, but also to study their personal qualities and physical mood before the tournament. This is a very laborious and time-consuming work, but it is this kind of analysis that will increase the percentage of winning bets in doubles tennis.

At the end of the section on paired tennis, we draw attention to one more important point. The fact is that even top players with excellent performance in singles are often “middle peasants” in doubles competitions or may even show unsatisfactory results in a pair. “Universalov” in tennis is almost none, all tennis players have strengths and weaknesses, and this must be taken into account in bets on tennis matches.

This list of criteria is not exhaustive, in addition to these 3 basic criteria, players can use other recommendations from this material on the rates for single tennis to get the most accurate forecast.

Statistics innings

It would seem that the factor of innings does not mean much in tennis bets, but this is far from the case. The statistics of the tennis player’s submissions are determined by the percentage calculated on the basis of the won first innings to their total number, as well as the won games and the number of saved match-balls.

The most effective statistics of submissions will work in conjunction with the selected information on the coverage of the court. Correctly collected and competently analyzed statistics on feeds and coverage will help the player not only in predicting rates before the start of a tennis match, but also in tennis live betting (during a match).

Statistics of breaks and break-points

At its core, the analysis and use of statistics of breaks and breakpoints are similar to the statistics of submissions, the main time here is collecting statistics on the number of breaks or breakpoints and calculating the percentage of their winnings. But there is also a more cardinal approach – the developed strategy (tactics), which is intended directly for betting on breaks and breakpoints. It should be noted that this tactic is considered one of the most effective and effective in tennis betting. To familiarize with this strategy of rates and to study it in detail it is possible in a trace. section “Strategies for tennis betting”.

Strategies for betting on tennis

A non-systematic approach to rates, i.e. betting on luck is equivalent to playing the lottery! Any strategy used on the bets will definitely bring more profit to the player than an unsystematic set of bets.

Strategies for betting on tennis There are many strategies for betting, but not all of them are applicable to tennis, and even if the strategy can be used in tennis, it does not mean that it should be taken as a basis and in strict accordance with its description begin to bet on tennis. It is impossible to allocate the best or the best strategies for tennis, so much depends on the personality of the player: someone more like the aggressive game and betting, and someone else is very meticulous in their calculations. For these and other reasons, in most cases, the presented tennis betting strategies are not used in their pure form but are modified for themselves, so to speak, under their own game, and for specific sports, as well as conditions. In this case, experienced players in the process of their rates experiment and combine one chosen strategy with other known strategies. But such a “strategy” is developed only with experience, after repeated testing of various betting strategies and a lot of trial and error …

To minimize the percentage of your failures in the game on tennis rates, we developed this material (FAQ) and publish here directly those betting strategies that are most suitable for tennis betting:

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