Tennis: betting on the favorite

Tennis: betting on the favorite

Теннис: стратегия ставок на фаворитаWhen people decide to bet on one sport or the other, they need to consider different elements in addition to their preferences in the game. Tennis betting has traditionally been a popular sport for all fans of betting. The simplest strategy for tennis is the strategy of betting on the favorite.

Choose a match involving the favorite and the underdog considering that the favorite ratio is in the range of 1.45 to 1.65. Select the desired bet amount and put. The main snag and it is the main easy strategy in determining the expected winner of the match — you can find information about what kind of position occupied by the opponents in the list of ETP for men and VTA for girls (ATP Association of Tennis Professionals — the Association of tennis professionals and WTA Women’s Tennis Association — womens tennis Association). View their latest meetings with other players that can talk about their physical training for this length of time, to perform personal meetings, and it suggests how it is convenient to play against each other. Not stopping to read the forecasts of various forecasters for online of this match. To be sure, you can watch a recent interview of these players.

Now that we know who the favorite in this confrontation, and the coefficient in lawful us the range of 1,45 — of 1.65. Can we talk about the size of the bet. For most beginners won’t be a secret that the most profitable bet size is 5% of the Bank. Bank we call the entire amount that is on your account. A very important Chapter in the field of betting is an introduction to the so-called Bank roll management-if you do not follow these simple rules, then on the course you will succeed. If you risk the entire amount then in the distance waiting for you subzero the game.

Tennis many times better than football or hockey so that you do not need to explore the physical and psychological state of each player of the team, in tennis you need analysis only two athletes.

Let us examine another strategy is betting on favorite in LIVE. Here the system is a little different, but certainly similar. Take the confrontation that LIVE has a coefficient in the range of 1.1 — 1.3. After the start of the match waiting for the favorite begins to lose some games, don’t be surprised it is not uncommon, and when you see the ratio from 1.5 to 2.0 (at which point questioning depends on the alloy of your nerves) make a bet.


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