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Strategy sports betting “rise” for free

The possibility of earning on the bookmakers truly attractive. Many beginners trying to find a stable way of generating income in sports betting. However, most of the strategies posted online do not work. There is always the possibility of loss and long term strategies bring only loss.

The strategy of “rise” is another way that this can theoretically go on a stable plus, the important thing is to fulfill all the conditions. Many are trying to sell this information, but at acquaintance with it absolutely free.

The strategy of the rise

Observations and soccer stats show that goals at the beginning of the match is quite rare. The essence of the earnings is to put “vs” results “Goal-1st to 15th minute of the match.” As a rule, the odds of this result before the match ranges from 1.2 to 1.5. It can earn.

To succeed you need to try to weed out the matches to 15 minutes goals is probable. In order to avoid such encounters follow the rules:

Rule # 1. Don’t bet on games in which there is a clear favorite and underdog. There is a high probability that the favorite will start to score goals.

Rule # 2. You should not bet on Cup matches and matches with national teams. These often use are not optimal compounds, the result can be unpredictable.

Rule # 3. Don’t put on a youth team and a lower League. The result, again, is unpredictable.

Rule # 4. It is not recommended to bet on the following teams: Dortmund, PSG, Manchester city, Barcelona, real Madrid, Bayern Munich. This is a strong team, which can directly attack the opponent. You can put only in those cases when they play against equal opponents.

How to choose a games for strategy the rise

On the website there are tables with information about last 5 matches of various teams. For tables, you can see some period goals were scored. Choose a team that score few and concede very few goals. If 1-2 matches had a goal before 15 minutes, then the command set is not to be. Pay attention to the odds at the bookmaker. If you bet that the goal will not be from 1 to 15 minute is a factor of more than 1.35, then it is worth considering there is a much greater risk of loss. Bookmakers calculate because of the possibility of a result in the game. Here, the higher the expense ratio, the higher the probability that the first goal of the game will be scored.

Since gambling is a fairly risky activity and the possibility of loss still remains, you need to budget in order not to drain it for a couple of bets. On one bet spend no more than 3% of the capital. Do not give in to emotions, carefully choose the games and then on the course you will be in the black!

Put strategy takeoff is possible in any office, with a big line, for example, 1xbet, where this bet looks like this:


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