Strategy sports betting “S8”

Strategy sports betting “S8”

Стратегия ставок на спорт «S8»It would seem that all the betting strategies bookmakers have long been known to all, and open a new one is impossible, but creative players are ready to become pioneers. One of the newest, and is known to a narrow circle of people, betting systems is the “S8”. It should be noted that the digit “8” is not just used in the title. The fact that 8 of the sports events you need to use this strategy.


“S8” is a strategy that should be studied not only in words but by examples. Eight of the selected events need to generate the eight multiples as follows:

No. 1: 1+2+4

No. 2: 1+3+6

No. 3: 1+6+8

No. 4: 2+3+5

No. 5: 2+3+8

No. 6: 3+7+8

No. 7: 4+5+7

No. 8: 4+6+8

We must not forget that the strategy of “S8” will be profitable only if the odds of multiples are more than 1.60. Even if the winning will find five bets that you are guaranteed to stay in the black. It will be more profitable if odds increase. Of course, betting system “S8” may not be equally effective for every player, and gets some “negative”. But the proper selection of events depends on the bettor.


Mathematically confirmed that playing according to this strategy much more profitable than put on the bets event. If you are a regular player of the bookmaker, and in the day to do at least eight single bets, these events better shape in the Express according to the method specified above. If you compare the same number of events, which won single bets and on “S8”, the overall revenue in the second embodiment, the rates will be great.

What problems can occur?

1. Hard to find such a large number of events. Of course, this may be the problem of each strategy, but to find suitable matches 8, may have to perform more than a hundred events. In addition to the ability to work with the statistics section, intuition also does not hurt. In the middle of the season to choose event is not difficult, but often, on weekdays, the players “get” the eight events in which are not sure. No need to fight if you are not sure about its positive outcome.

2. The complexity of the process. “S8” — a strategy that involves a sequence of actions and strict adherence to the rules. Of course, such work is tiring, if to do it daily and sooner or later any person because of carelessness, make a mistake. After several losses in a row, as a rule, players throw this strategy.

3. There is no possibility to find the best odds at other bookmakers. Bookmakers often change quotes on events and cut limits on players who play on the system.

The results

If you are willing to work hard and use the mathematical advantage, and you are not afraid of all the above issues, the strategy of “S8” can help you to beat the bookie. Over time, this betting system is really effective, but much depends on the coefficients.


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