Strategy of John. R. Miller

Strategy J. R. Miller

Стратегия Дж. Р. МиллераEach of the major players have their own secrets, and, as a rule, its own strategy — this is what distinguishes them from Papanov. But hardly anyone shares their experience with everyone. The exception was George.R. Miller, one of the most successful bettors on the turn of the century.

It comes from the fact that, unlike the casino, the bookies don’t use a strategy based on equi-probable events, where the ratio will be exactly 2,0. The reason is obvious: the presence of the margin which lay office. So Miller decided to create its own system of financial management. The goal was obvious — to maximize the profit of better. Given the fact that its author made a member of the “Hall of Fame” in Las Vegas and one of the best privateers of the United States and the planet as a whole, should at least be explored. With this in mind that the recommendations based on George.R. take a situation where the odds offered by ratio 1.91, in other words, with respect to equally probable event with two possible outcomes.

First of all, Miller categorically dismissed those strategies that have been developed for casino or for Finance: in his opinion, they can max to ensure long-term balancing point of bezobidnostI. Criticized the expert and the theory that in order to change the amount you bet (single bet or Express) depending on continuing series, successful or not. He even called the hope series “is misleading for inexperienced players.” According to his calculations and analysis, available statistics, even with a 56% win rate at 1.91 is already in a series of 200 attempts, at the rate of 2 and more percent of the Bank, the result will be bankruptcy.

The essence of Miller’s strategy is to focus on the size of the turnover. He proved it by playing stakes less than 1% of the Bank and, for a thousand bets made during the year, wrapped 1000% of your own bankroll. It is under the same 56 percent of the guesses guarantees an income of $ 76 net profit on hundreds of their goal.

In addition, George. R. proposes to change the method of determining the amount that you need to take the following bets. Initially, while starting bankroll will not grow due to successful bids in the quarter of the initial size, the recommendation of the Miller is to place a bet of one percent of the initial amount from the Bank. When you fail to increase capital in the quarter, the marque advises have tied this same 1%, but based on the new size of your Bank. This, according to George. R., will allow to increase the dynamics of growth of profit.

In General, simple and clear rules. But their observance helps when guessing at all the same 56% about that 200 bets to double the size of the game Bank gambling man.


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