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Horizontal Express

Newbies in sports betting, having tried all the major and alternative strategies bets often come to the conclusion that to win office you have two options: either competent flat (for long distance) or “random” Express sky-high coefficient (one-time), but sometime a situation arises when:

  1. Playing flat with a small percentage of the initial Bank, and the odds on your chosen event is too small and does not fit the basic principles of the strategy?
  2. Use the strategy of minimum bets with multiple events of 1.05 to 1.3, and at the moment of such events in the line, there or there, but only one?
  3. Want to Express some events, but is prohibited by the rules of the office
  4. Can’t choose which office supply Express several events

If you ever faced such a situation, it is possible in each case was the following:

  1. You still set. Even if you mentally said to myself: “stop, I don’t play small odds”, was still in violation of its strategy. Sooner or later one such bet is lost and the winnings on all such bets, alas, does not pay its “cost” and spoil you statistics
  2. You “get” to train to do a standing event a few questionable bets. And on those sports that you don’t understand, either for outcomes with low probability but which are themselves difficult to correctly predict. For example, “3-1 — no” or “the first goal by head — no.” The most annoying was the fact that very often the initially selected event is played, and subsidiary — no.
  3. You went with exchange. And what could I do? If against the rules — so no options
  4. You put these events dinarama, not Express.

Every time you, one way or another, were overtaken by the frustration of knowing the fact that the stakes played, but you are illiterate used the ratio or even “missed” the opportunity to get the win. In fact, such disappointments can be avoided and to avoid to the maximum benefit for your game set if you play on the strategy of “horizontal Express”.

Horizontal Express like this?

Perhaps you heard somewhere that “horizontal Express” is more bets “VA-Bank”, remember this saying as soon as possible! First, in batting (professional) the concept of “broke” does not exist. Second, understand that the horizontal Express this strategy, not a method of capital management.

If to Express the very essence of strategy as quickly, you get a few points:

  1. The initial Bank is broken into an arbitrary number of fixed but not necessarily equal sums. The only condition is: the maximum amount should be no more than 3 times greater than the minimum. For example, if you break 100, it cannot obtain the amount of 40, 40, 10, 10, but only 30, 30, 30, 10, or any similar option, but would meet the condition min >= max/3. Optimal for the minimum value to accept the amount of 1-3% of the Bank.
  2. Each amount is put on a single selected event. If the bet is played, all winnings including the original bet, rearranged to the following event, and this is the main point of the strategy: you bet Express, as it were “stretched” in time, events in the Express can be played on different days. If bet loses — you just start a new Express by the same amount, with which began the previous
  3. After a certain number of events played (the so-called “steps” horizontal Express or iterations), the process stops and starts again. The number of steps each player determines individually, but to reduce risk, the optimal amount would be 2-3 for the coefficients of more than 1.5 and 4-5 for the minimum of the coefficients
  4. At the end of each of all the planned steps to withdraw 50% profit and the formation of the new. If at this stage the Bank is less than the initial size of the steps is still calculated in % of the initial Bank, if there is a profit — how you can increase the amount at each primary stage and remain unchanged, depending on how you personally aggressive player

The advantages of the strategy of horizontal Express

  1. GE is a very convenient and dynamic strategy for banks of any size, including the most minimal.
  2. You can bet on events, which prohibited the inclusion in multiple bets according to the rules of a certain office.
  3. You are not connected with one bookmaker and get the opportunity to put on events in those offices, where the rate is higher, which means that in the future will get a bigger prize.
  4. Horizontal Express can enter not only the events of one day, but distant from each other in time. It is very convenient if in the line for the current period there is only one really worthwhile event and you want to use it in Express, but do not want to “spoil” the rate of doubtful and ill-analysed forecasts.

So every beginner or more experienced player can bet, following the strategy of “horizontal Express” and effectively using all its benefits, essentially the strategy was assembled in “one bottle” all the best moments of the flat, tips to minimize risks and recommendations for proper management of capital.

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