Strategy games on the betting exchange Betfair. Football

Game strategy on the betting exchange Betfair. Football

The exchange rates compared to a conventional bookmaker, has one significant advantage — at any time you can easily withdraw from the market with minimal losses, unless of course, something went wrong or to fix profit, without waiting for the game.

As at the commodity exchange is more beneficial products for trading and betting exchange games is the best, and some are not.

What sports are the least profitable on the stock exchange?

Of the popular most grief to the inexperienced player on the stock exchange can bring hockey and handball. I will explain why. Hockey bad collapse of the coefficients. With the score 1:0 in favor of one of the teams is too strong to fall, but to throw the puck in hockey need not so much time. Known cases when for 2-3 minutes on the court radically changed the situation. Besides, on personal observations, in this sport, very few of the best deals and you just can’t leave during the match, agree, can be very distressing. Fully all that is written applies to the handball. At the last Olympics, for example, several matches ended with goals in the last 1-2 seconds. To react to such a change anymore. However, you can play counting on surprise, on a goal from half court or something that gets inept goalie, but to say about this strategy, I can not do anything. It is necessary to see the situation from the inside and watch the match firsthand.

Strategy for football

The most popular game is football, so it hides a lot of dangers and small traps for the Amateur rates. It’s simple, if the game is popular, and know it will be a lot more than you expect.

If you chose to play “under” match with equal chances “top and bottom”, then a reasonable solution would be to wait in live for the first 10 minutes of the game. Of course, to score more and then, but usually in the first 10 minutes you will be able to understand the balance and will be able to understand how easily “run” command, this does not guarantee success, but increases your chances of it.

You can play, betting “to win the favourite“, after it took no less than 25 minutes. Many teams performers with the worst physical training, compared with the more strong teams, holding them against the defense the first half hour, and then start to make mistakes and concede odd goals. Besides not so you can often find a favorite, from seeking to smear his opponent. They are also stronger! Where they in a hurry?

Not to mention the strategy “against anybody“. It consists in the fact that before the start of the match bet against the outcome of a draw and after scoring any team the ball is placed the opposite bet “In a draw”. The result is, or do you get a good amount if it’s a tie and nothing to lose. Or, get less, but if properly equalized in the loser also does not remain. There are two options when you lose money. First, of course, when the score was 0:0. There’s nothing you can do about it, will have to accept and lose. The second option is possible if you don’t have time to put his bet “For”, and the second goal flew into the goal to win the team almost immediately. Over time this strategy above zero, but in order to play you need to be very calm person. After all, everything can be solved at any moment, and it is very upsetting to watch your money float away.

Note: bidding against a draw on Betfair, it is also “12” (the win of any team on the double chance) in any other office.

There is another strategy game. Called “Against the bill“. It is quite dangerous, because the profit on the bet less than 10%. Is to evaluate the teams ‘ chances of scoring. you bet against a specific account. Usually either against the 0-0 if the teams are good in attack or against the account of “any other”. If we talk about betting exchange “Betfair”, they have the expense of “the other” begins after one of the teams will score four goals.


Gradually, your Bank, if you are good in the attacking power of teams is growing, and you get richer. But remember one thing! to win is always impossible! There are no people who doing nothing, suddenly put against the account and live on it! All wrong! The only way to avoid large losses that reduce the rate after I achieved success. Set yourself a target. For example, “I Want to win 50% of your Bank”. After that reduce. How — you decide. But I would recommend no less than two times. Playing according to this strategy you need to clearly understand that the more times you were right, the more likely it is that coming your fault. Do not be greedy, it’s ruining many! And yet, it is best to not play the important money for you. Always keep in mind that they have the right to lose and you will not find in the loop under the bridge after the event. However, this applies to any strategy, not just this one.

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