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Game strategy on the betting exchange Betfair. Part II

In the second part of my story I will lead it on the best terms of gambling sports.

First of all, to those it applies to basketball. Before playing in the basketball market is to make sure that there are offers and be sure to ascertain that there would be a bet during the match. There are two basketball — European and American. The differences in the rules seems to be insignificant, but they are. you will easily find, if you are interested in this issue. I wanted to draw your attention to the aspect that in American basketball (to be treated as a student and NBA) in the forefront is not only the result but also entertainment. A dull trampling ball more characteristic of Europeans. Not interesting match in which the favourites after the first quarter leads of 20 points! Because often in American basketball stunning return after a gap of 1-2 dozen balls. This is most true for the regular season. Of course, the situations are different, but most often it is not necessary to go to the match if one team is far off in the invoice. First pointless, because I fell KEF and many you get. Secondly, as mentioned, often return. At the same time, can be a good weld by placing bets on the losing team.

I mean long term games are better than totals. You need to make a profit, playing the totals are? Importantly, this ability to make the right decision and to watch. Let’s say that you bet total is more than in some conventional match. Three minutes pass and everything is fine. The balls fall into the basket with the frequency with which you should, you gleefully rubbing their hands … and leave the market moving to a smaller Kefa “against”. Your benefit is obvious. Now you calmly see the match and even if the projected total is more than you will not pass you will not lose anything! But in this lies the error. Is the main rule of the player putting on a meeting course. It sounds like this: Never get out of the market if you win! Go only when you feel that everything goes wrong.

Why take the money? After all, everything goes as it should! Another thing, if You put over, I noticed that after the first three minutes of the case teams in the attack is not glued. Here it is better to leave the market even if you have to lose some money. And do not be greedy and hold on to your bet until the end! Did not work, left and sitting at the TV, rooting for a smaller loss. Remember that no matter how informative is not the Internet, nevertheless often it is too little too late. Because it is desirable to watch the match in action during live broadcasts. In the end, text translation, too, are humans and they make mistakes. Of the Internet were hearing the story of a ten-month old, when in a tennis match with American tennis player Lewis some pseudo — operator on the whole world gave a completely opposite outcome, simply confusing the players. Many bookmakers have made the match a refund, but exchanges that can be expected. There are other rules.

You should during the game on totals are always keep abreast of events! This is not the case when it is possible in any way to be distracted! Things can change at any moment!

Pay attention to such important factors as: 1. the presence of fouls, both team and specific players. Remember that often fouled the point guard leads to a decrease in performance! If the teams score a lot, but when he reached half of the quarter, has already spent the limit of team fouls, you should be careful in betting on under. Quite team can catch up with the desired goals through shots from a static position. 2. If you go last minute you can never forget about the tactics of fouls in the end. Very often in the NBA over the last couple minutes to score 10-15 points. This is usually the case of equal matches when none of the commands has not lost chances of ultimate success. 3. Watch carefully for the protection of the teams in the paint and on the arc. If a ring does not hold neither one nor the other, it is extremely probable a great performance, especially in high speed attacks on average.

Don’t forget that in European basketball allowed zone defense with a safety net, and in the us is only allowed elements. So, if you see that individual offensive players constantly beat their opponents one — on — one, this is another reason to doubt the low of the match performance in the American basketball. In Europe as much impact on the result of the presence of any of the teams of masters a long shot, because that’s what downtown is broken “zone”.

The second best gambling sport is tennis. It is of great importance in statistics. You need to know how to work with it, to see not only the game, but the psychological aspects. There are so many factors influencing the outcome. I will try to call main:

1. This is certainly coating. In the world there are practically no players or players who don’t care what surface to play. Still a favorite and not really. On slow courts (clay) have the advantage of players with good speed, who can so accurately hit, how to move well. It is usually characteristic of the Spanish school. On faster courts (hard, grass), the advantage is given to players beating increases the feed value, the stronger she is, the better.

2. If the game reached account is 6-5 and the player has already secured the tie-break, we can expect more aggressive play at the reception. To lose — that already nothing! Why not take a chance?

3. Remember that the tiebreak is a lottery with almost equal chances, so if it came to it, it is always better to play a weaker player. Him KEF above.

4. Careful should be taken to call the doctors and massage therapists. The fact that there is a certain category of players who can use these breaks in order to knock your opponent off. This is especially characteristic of the Serbs and the Croats. Again KEF at this point, dramatically crashing down, but man after a couple of manipulations starts to gallop around the court high-spirited hare.

5. Important personal meetings. If one of the players is such a favorite and the other a notorious outsider, what he then suffered three sets in the previous meeting with fibratami on the same surface? Very often bookmakers exposing Kefa focuses only on the position in the ranking, but this is not always true. in the end, nobody cancelled opponents.

6. If you decide to put on during the match one player should wait before filing. KEF will be higher.

7. Female submission is taken lighter, but easier to play. Men have often won the opponent decides the outcome of the exercise.

I use the same strategy as in basketball. If all goes as I need I am staying in the market, and if not try to run and lose less. But there is one exception. In that case, if after winning the first set, my second favorite loses, I’m out. The reason that I am cautious and not willing to risk rate the case in the third set things didn’t go right. But I’m not saying that this tactic is correct. It is possible that in tennis is to go to the end. I would like to say about the matches of the tournament “Grand Slam”. They are known for victory in the men’s contest to win three sets. This suggests that even when the score was 0-2 in sets nothing is lost, so you can play, albeit not by much. Especially if you notice fatigue in favorite.

The last view that you might be interested in is the biathlon. You need to clearly understand the rules of all races. Where is more important to shoot accurately, but where to run faster. This is very important and many people underestimate this difference. So in the individual race bad shooting in the first stage almost puts an end to all hopes on a good place at the finish. The reason — every loss “is” minute to win it is extremely difficult. Another thing is the relay. have you noticed how quickly changes in her situation? What is the reason? And the fact that it uses extra ammo, and only if they are spent and he has to run a penalty lap. But he usually runs for 20-25 seconds, which you see, and yet leaves him the chances of ultimate success.

Biathlon is a strictly statistical. There is no need to build any theories and no mysteries. You just need to look carefully and analyze the situation. Let’s say that is the last shooting, standing and coming at her two men. One percent of hits standing in the course of the season 80% and the other 65%. Who should take before firing as our favorite? Of course the first! Again, for a long distance with such tactics you will be in the black.

The ability to be attentive to details will bring you success. Remember, without defeats there are no victories. you should be prepared for possible injuries and be able to control yourself even in the most difficult days. And then the success will definitely attend you.

The first part (about football).

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