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We put “fan” on the correct score

The strategy of “fan” can be successfully applied to some team sport. Ideally, football, Futsal, less hockey. The essence is quite simple to understand how to put on guessing correct scores in the match, choose a fight, which you are very familiar with — capabilities of leading players, current standings, spirit of the teams on the game in General (sometimes it is obvious that the rivals will play for a draw if the outcome of the match does not change anything).

Fan — a few different bets on the final score of one match.

For example, you have 100, you are going to spend on individual sports event. Let’s say you have already decided on the bookmaker and choose the right match. First, look at the bookie’s options of the final bill. As a rule, 12-15 variants and each of outcomes has a special ratio. Experienced players know that the most popular outcomes in football confrontation – 0:0 and 1:1. Further, the bookmaker, trying to insure against such a strategy, your game, minimize your potential loss and offers on these outcomes is not the best odds, but to ignore them is not worth it.


Now about the main thing

The fan should be 6, maximum 7 variants of the outcome of a particular match. Why? Because if your fan will consist of a greater number of outcomes, you will definitely lose. The bookmaker, in this case, always wins. So balanced odds bookie. In General, following observable statistics in General draw the most probable results, even if the game involves teams from different leagues. This is natural, because the game begins with a draw. Therefore, the score is 0:0 choose clearly, despite the difference in the level of the teams playing. To minimize the risks from our side, we have to select such an outcome, a coincidence which will provide a full refund of the money invested. This means that if we in total spent 100 rubles., the lowest coefficient selected by us (unless of course we guess), should provide a return on this amount in its entirety. Most likely, it will be a victory of owners with the score 2:0 or 2:1. But, because we want to win! Why else would all these strategies?!

Here starts what we call “radar.” What do we have? We have chosen the following outcomes: 0-0, 1-1, 2-1, 2-0. 2-3 of the outcome, which you need to build all of our anticipated winnings. These outcomes almost always have odds of 8 to 15 (and sometimes more). Tempting, isn’t it? Paradoxically, it often happens that bookmakers deliberately overstate the ratio of the apparent outcome to earn a turnover on the unlikely outcome of the match. It is important to remember that the bookmaking arose not yesterday, and not even the day before. The people working in these companies have considerable specialized training and have much more capabilities and knowledge than any individual player. Therefore, blindly “driven” at high odds is not worth it, but to miss the chance “to pull bookie with the mustache” is also not necessary (again, we should have the maximum information about the upcoming sports event and prepare for bets in advance).

The “sweet” to you the outcome of the match, usually will 3:1, 3:2, 3:3, 1:2, 1:3, 2:3. There is another Exodus 2:2, but choose a match between two equal teams is clearly not worth it – they can present a nasty surprise to play illogical. In addition, you do not need to choose the match between championship leader and team out of the relegation zone, because in this case there are a whole bunch of goals and that any foreseen, is unlikely to succeed. The best option – command occupying the 4-5-6 place and the team occupying 10-11-12 place. Typically, these rivals a lot to each other do not score, but without goals you’re not.


Summing up, we derive the conditional bet “fan” on the exact outcome of the match:

  1. Select team, of the game and which have a clear idea
  2. Select the command “no clear leaders” and “not obvious outsiders”
  3. Be sure to put on 0:0, 1:1, 2:1, 2:0
  4. Ignore such “exotic” results 5:0, 5:1, 0:4, 0:5 etc.
  5. The size of all bets is the same
  6. Number of bids no more than 6-7 (depending on the proposed office of coefficients)
  7. Other outcomes should have the maximum number “3” (3:0, 3:1, 3:2, 3:3, 0:3, 1:3 etc.)

The proposed method is, of course, does not guarantee 100% of winning, but the use of the system, no doubt, more worthy of attention from any player than simple guessing account.

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