Strategy “2-6” in sports betting

The strategy of “2-6” in sports betting

Стратегия «2-6» в ставках на спортNow there are a handful of strategies in the world of betting. One of the most promising is a strategy called “2-6”. The essence of the strategy that the player wins, or let’s say is a plus, if he pass 2 rates from 6. This strategy has long earned a place of honor among fans betting.

Understand the strategy is quite simple. We need to guess only a third of any event. In the beginning you have to divide your cash capital, also referred to as bankroll into 2 parts. The best division of your money is the division into larger number of parts, which will be able to conduct several series. But this is not necessarily enough to be kept in reserve one or two shares.

Thus, we include in our series of several events. After each event, we multiply the sum by 2, 4, 6, 8 and 12 times. Look at the example. Take 100 rubles. Then follow-up Your betting amount should be 200, 400, 600, 800 and 1200. Focus on TM (3.5) is a factor of 3.0. Depending on how many are going to win, so many have to bet. If we are going to make 100, take 100.

Imagine that the ratio is below 2. then you need to subtract 1 and the resulting figure divided by 10. For example, when keff of 1.84 subtract 1, we get at 0.84. Now divide 100 by 0.84 and received 119. This will be the size of your first bet.

In the next stage put 200 rubles. Watching the event with a factor of 1.87, put there your money. If you win, we get 374 rubles, net money 174. So you need 200 divided by 0.87. So we get the desired amount of 230 rubles.

Imagine the following situation: the first rate has passed, but second failed. Then the sum of the third will be 400 rubles, but we need to play 30 rubles, which lost the second bet, then take the 430 rubles. Our series will close after only two bets.

Of fact, the rate shows that the faster you close a series, the better. Under this scheme, it is realistic to raise from 40 percent profit after only 5 episodes. This strategy can be applied to any size of your Bank, the most important thing is to share it and follow the instructions. So you will quickly be able to earn. This is the secret of many popular schemes.


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